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Tory ‘love cheat’ MP says same-sex marriage makes it ‘difficult to promote Christian values’

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Reader comments

  1. Good! If you want to promote religion, try working in a Church! If you’re an MP, you should be working for the good of all people. Not just the ones who happen to share your beliefs.

  2. He’s looking for all the help for himself he can get.

  3. The is no end to this mans hypocrisy!

    1. Cardinal Fang 14 Jan 2013, 3:53pm

      Only if he is forced to resign his seat.

      1. But he would still be a hypocrite!

  4. bobbleobble 14 Jan 2013, 1:01pm

    And yet again the press in this country fails to take these hypocrites to task. Surely it’s adulterers like Blackman that make his task harder, after all he’s nothing more than a ‘do as I say not as I so’ kind of Christian anyway.

    I’m also not entirely sure how it will make promotion of Christian values more difficult since lots of Christians want gay people to be allowed to marry. He’s not talking about promoting Christian views but his views of what Christianity should be which is most definitely not the same thing.

  5. Peter & Michael 14 Jan 2013, 1:03pm

    Why should one have to promote christian values in parliament when we all now belong to a secular society, everyone is entitled to believe in a faith if they wish to, but not to impose their values on everyone else!

    1. If only. Remember that we have an established church that our civil head of state is also the head of. Strange but true. I’m a different Michael btw!

  6. I’m baffled as to why we would want to “promote Christian” values in Parliament. It is not Parliament’s job, to quote Queen Elizabeth the first, to “open windows into men’s souls”. It might be news to this bigoted twit, but not everyone in this country is an adulterous Christian.

  7. Christian values – Murder the neighbouring tribes and dash their infant children upon the rocks. Stone the unbelievers.

    Bloody right we shouldn’t be promoting the moronic psychotic drivel of bronze age primitive desert dwellers who couldn’t explain why the sun rose.

    What he of course means, it is difficult to promote sanction reproduction – something religion only does to encourage its believers to whelp more little believers to perpetuate its difference and pay for its fancy clothing and properties.

    “Religion supports nobody. It has to be supported. It produces no wheat, no corn; it ploughs no land; it fells no forests. It is a perpetual mendicant. It lives on the labors of others, and then has the arrogance to pretend that it supports the giver.” Ingersoll

    Tired of listening to that magical junk.

  8. He doesn’t seem ideal to be talking about marriage

    1. Cardinal Fang 14 Jan 2013, 3:52pm

      Agreed. Neither does an army of supposed-to-be celibate priests.

  9. Paula Thomas 14 Jan 2013, 1:09pm

    Mr Blackman

    What makes it difficult for you to promote “Christian Values” is that you are hypocrite who ignored teaching you profess to believe in.

  10. Garry Cassell 14 Jan 2013, 1:11pm

    Was it a “Christian values” workshop u were working at when u were cheating on your wife for 11 years…ah, what a dickhead???Christian values my ass!!!!!!

  11. “SSM makes difficult to promote Christian values in parliament.”

    Or allows even more people to show you up because they can keep it in their pants but you can’t!

  12. You see-this is JUST the type of story that the Daily Mail loves to run. BUT- this particular one – sadly for The Mail- runs contrary to its usual stance on gay marriage, conservative MP’s and “christian values”.

    SO- What CAN they do? Theycan’t REALLY run it without exposing their own hypocrisy -can they?

    SO- all they can do is to IGNORE it altogether.

    Showing what a bunch of hypocrites they are also!!

  13. That There Other David 14 Jan 2013, 1:23pm

    Considering this man’s idea of Christian values is to sneak around behind your wife’s back whilst pretending you’re better than everyone else anything that makes it more difficult to promote is a good thing!

    Only two more years before this idiot is voted out at least.

    1. cardinal Fang 14 Jan 2013, 3:58pm

      Reminds me of all those holier-than -thou wingnut Republicans caught with their pants down. But generally they are made to resign.

  14. What an idiot. He seems totally unaware of his own hypocrisy. “Marriage is for a man and a woman”. Yeah, and anyone else you want to fuc|< for 11 years.
    Totally agree with comments above. Parliament is not an appropriate forum for promoting religion.

  15. What are those Christian values of which you speak? Bigamy, bigotry, and hypocrisy? We need laws to promote and protect this?

    What we need are laws to protect against the likes of you.

  16. He should look up “hypocrite” in the dictionary.
    What a douche.

  17. is hypocrisy a christian value ?

  18. His statement is actually rather scary. There should be no religion in politics – one religion would discriminate against another so leave them all out of it. While they’re at it get rid of bishops from the house of lords too.

  19. How offensive and ignorant to think that “but I want to promote my religion’s values” is a valid argument in a diverse, multi-faith, pretty secular society.

    So out of touch.

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2013, 1:47pm

    Come on BBC, report it.

    I never new an 11 year old adulterous affair was a ‘christian’ value? New one to me. Let’s all bombard the Daily Mail, Telegraph and the Beeb with that very question. Maybe the Anglican hierarchy would like to comment?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2013, 1:47pm

      …never knew…

  21. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2013, 1:49pm

    There is something intrinsically wrong for an MP to be advocating the promotion of ‘christian’ values in Parliament, especially when it’s an adulterer, an anti-marriage aberration if anything. Why the silence from this colleagues in the House?

  22. jonnielondon 14 Jan 2013, 1:56pm

    I wasn’t aware that hatred is such a huge christian value.

  23. Christian values… and resurrecting section 28, maybe he should also resurrect stoning of adulterers?

  24. Dave North 14 Jan 2013, 2:06pm

    The thing is, he is correct.

    It IS difficult to promote christian values if those values are division, discrimination and hate.

    Equal marriage is exposing these “so called values” and shining a light on their hypocrisy.

    People are seeing these “christians” for what they actually are and not the pious faces they have been hiding behind for years.

  25. Maybe…Just maybe it’s these”Christian beliefs” that are making it difficult for people to be themselves. For people to be gay. Getting really annoyed with the “worlds” thinking these days. Religion is not always the answer

  26. Created Gay 14 Jan 2013, 2:13pm

    His version of Christianity – years of adultery is Christian, but being gay is not?

  27. I used to think that people like this were knowingly and wilfully ignoring their own hypocrisy, but now I think they’re just too stupid to see it! The more they open tehir mouths, the stupider they look.

  28. Jock S. Trap 14 Jan 2013, 2:45pm

    What twoddle!!

    It only ‘makes it difficult’ if there is nothing else you can think about and even then thats still a personal choice.

    What horrid little hypocrite!

  29. Ben Foster 14 Jan 2013, 3:11pm

    Who asked for Christian Values in Westminster? It is supposed to represent EVERYONE.

  30. The typical right wing Tory attitude can be summed up as this: Do as I say not as I do.

    They feel they have the right to act however they see fit but anybody else, especially gay people shouldn’t have that right. They demand that everybody else should be constricted by outdated moral codes but that they can break them whenever they see fit.

    Obviously plenty of same-sex couples live in happy, monogamous relationships, but because they don’t fit into religious people’s idea of “morality” they’ll happily go onwards with their dark age crusade against them regardless.

  31. You’ve got to hand it to him, he is a comic.

  32. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2013, 3:27pm

    I’m waiting now for those other delusional fools who come in here to rant, Ray and Caligula.

    1. Even they can’t find anything good to say about him!

  33. Hypocrite!

  34. Cardinal Fang 14 Jan 2013, 3:45pm

    This man would do more to promote “Christian Values” – and what those are is a matter for debate – if he resigned his seat for having an 11 year extramarital affair, if the allegations are true.

    In many countries, except France and Italy perhaps, he would have been sacked/ had the party whip withdrawn for bringing the party into disrepute.

    It reminds me of all the sleezy stories that came out involving mainly Tories in the last few years of the last Conservative government. It seems some of them haven’t changed.

  35. What moses didn’t realise when he got the ten commandments that there was another on written on the back which says “but it’s ok to screw around if you’re a thick as pig-shit professional christian hypocrite. He’s obviously basing his morals on that.!

  36. Robert Edwards 14 Jan 2013, 4:11pm

    What total hypocrisy – religion has a long record of pedophilia and they have the audacity to take the mortal high ground. The Catholic and Protestant church and has been responsible for the most heinous crimes and they are concerned about gays loving each other – I’m afraid religion has much to learn about morality and Gays could help them learn.

    1. Robert Edwards 14 Jan 2013, 4:15pm

      Oops “Moral” though I do like the mistake….

  37. Cardinal Fang 14 Jan 2013, 4:14pm

    According to the previous PN article:

    “Mr Blackman – who proudly displays photos of himself with David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson on his website – ­married his wife Nicola in 1988.

    Ms Shaw, Mr Blackman and his wife worked on Barnet Council when the affair started.

    The affair ended in 2000.”

    That would mean he started his 11 year affair in 1989, just one year after he got married. It doesn’t suggest he had much belief in the sanctity of marriage.

    Though it was over a while ago, given his considerable hypocrisy, he really should resign.

  38. Robert A. Cuthbertson 14 Jan 2013, 4:27pm

    The ability to promote “Christian values” is based on the ability to separate things into good and evil. Once you realize the evil you have chosen is not evil you can no longer argue your premise. So, your values are erroneous.

  39. I might be naive, but whenever I think of Christian values I think of things like, ‘Love one another’, ‘judge not lest ye be judged’ , ‘let him who is without sin cast the first stone’, oh – and what was that Commandment? ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’. ro soething……Now, I’m having a problem understanding why legalising equal marriage would stop someone promoting those values. But no difficulties whatsoever understanding why an enthusiastic adulterer might have such difficulties…So here’s another quote for you ‘Bible Bob’: “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye” Matthew 7:1-5

  40. Hey! Being such a hypocrite, a hateful bigot and wanting to FORCE his so-called “beliefs” on all other people makes him a perfect candidate for the “Tea Party” in the U.S.!!!

  41. Bruce Davidson 14 Jan 2013, 7:12pm

    I am wondering what “Christian” values this jerk is seeking to promote. Probably not the values that appear to guide his own life. Even in England, with the so-called Established Church, using the parliamentary pulpit to promote alleged religous values is a bit thick.

  42. I’ve just sent him an email saying he should be reminded that he’s the SERVANT of his constituents and nothe other way around. I also reminded him that the Christian message was of LOVE.

  43. Tory lecher pontificating on morality and expecting a democratic and pluralistic body to promote repressive mumbo-jumbo. Haven’t we heard all this before?

  44. And just what “Christian Values” is he talking about? Love? Forgiveness? Acceptance?

  45. They to have managed to promote intolerance and hatred perfectly for the last 2000 years or so…a few “filthy queer perverts” wouldn’t breach the walls of said promotion. surely? Just how much more wicked can we get?

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