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Scottish trans equality charity warns of ‘rising transphobia’ in the UK media

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 14 Jan 2013, 3:06pm

    I get the impression that none of the transphobic journalists believed that their discriminatory comments would receive the vehement reaction they have. They’re snapping in all directions now because they’ve backed themselves into a corner, and shown themselves up for the vile people they are.

  2. Cardinal Fang 14 Jan 2013, 3:30pm

    This really is extraordinary behaviour from journalists that are supposed to be on the compassionate side of the divide.

    Whatever happened to live and let live.

  3. It reminds of seeing the front pages of national newspapers in the 70’s and 80’s, where they would scream pervert arrested or so and so exposed as a pervert and I would die a litte because I knew they meant gay, and that was me.

  4. Paul Essex/London 14 Jan 2013, 7:11pm

    There are a lot of people who place themselves on an Ivory Tower because of their religious beliefs and place in society and consequently don’t see further than their own noses. They fail to open their minds to things in society which are alien to their own personal experiences and persecute others who don’t fit in with their way of life, such as gay people. I think that people like Julie Burchill seem to think that they are immune from doing the same thing because they have been persecuted due to their gender and/or sexuality. Being the victim of prejudice doesn’t mean that you yourself aren’t capable of doing the same to others, of allowing your own ignorance to blind you to the reality of other people’s issues. Ms Burchill et al and others in the media would do well to remember this.

  5. Shocking! The press (including the so-called broadsheets) have had it their own way for so long and they clearly employ journalists who have no idea of human dignity. Personally, I would like to see Stonewall (et al) take legal action on behalf of LGBT issues in the press rather than garner huge donations from the rich and corporate society whom they seem to represent.

    1. It is very simple. The gay community is now the only place that a bigot can operate and get away with it, sad to say. Consider, this type of journalism referring to African, Asian or even Scots, Irish or Welsh. We see the same thing here in the US.

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