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Rupert Everett: Gay actors should stay in the closet

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Reader comments

  1. Can I suggest that you stop giving Mr Everett any more publicity? He is entitled to his views of course, but perhaps it might be better if he kept them to himself

    1. If he is asked for an interview and, in that interview, expresses the opinions that have been asked of him, is he to blame?

      I know he comes across like a tit a lot of the time, but be fair – blame the people who write up this stuff as much as you blame old Roops himself.

      1. Oh I don’t know, he seems to pop up an awful lot having a moan about being gay and blaming his lack of career on coming out!

        I think he just goes looking for a platform and Pink News keeps giving him his soapbox…It’s getting boring!

        1. He says things in interviews, some pretty dippy, that PN doesn’t always repeat scrupulously or in context, which is not quite the same thing.

  2. We should all take his valuable advice, does he have any on how to keep our skin youthful, smooth and wrinkle free? lol sorry, couldnt resist

  3. To be precise, Mr Everett said that he would advise actors to stay in the closet. He did not say “should” and there is quite a difference between offering advice and ordering people. Of course, I am aware that most Pink News commentators only understand the latter.

    1. It’s not his place to give that kind of advice just because it apparently messed up his career. It’s not advice, it’s personal preference! There are plenty of actors out there who are openly gay, who don’t moan about the fact it was a mistake to come out and have a perfectly good career.

      1. Anyone in the world has a right to offer advice. And anyone in the world has the right to ignore it, or offer alternative advice. “It’s not his place” – pompous, what?

      2. I think he’s perfectly entitled to advise, if asked. On the other hand, no-one is obliged to ask him or, indeed, to listen to him.

  4. I’m sure I read this article in Pink News a year ago. Is his view really worth repeating?
    Anyway, I would say this to Rupert. You have always been more of a ‘celeb’ than an actor. I don’t think Sir Ian, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto or Ben Wishaw will experience the same problems you believe you have.

    1. Or Sir Derek Jacobi, John Barrowman, Heather Peace, Sophie Ward, Jodie Foster…They’ve all had good careers and everyone has known they were gay!

      I think he likes the sound of his own voice. Shame he doesn’t put it to good use and say something constructive and helpful (

    2. Just for the record Cal, Ben Whishaw has never commented unambiguously on his sexuality.

  5. Cardinal Fang 14 Jan 2013, 6:56pm

    I’m really bored reading about this man. Can he go and do some actual acting? Sir Ian McKellen came out 100 years ago and is still playing Gandalf and Richard III. Anyway Hollywood isn’t the whole world. There’s always panto.

    1. He is acting in the West End at the moment, as Oscar Wilde in The Judas Kiss. If you’re bored reading about him, there’s an easy remedy to that. Nothing forces you to click on a link.

  6. Another pile of crap from Rupert. Does he really want to be the poster boy for internalised homophbia who was born in the dark ages???

    1. Perhaps he does.

  7. He gets publicity because he gives mileage to those anit gay people who support their arguements with ‘but even gay people think/don’t want/believe this’. Hideous little toerag that he is.

  8. RoughRugger 14 Jan 2013, 7:07pm

    And he’s still getting coverage…why??

  9. Wayne Howard-Williams 14 Jan 2013, 7:16pm

    Is Rupert Everett ashamed of being gay. He always seems to have negative views about homosexuality.
    The man is should come out the closet and admit he’s a fool.

    1. IF he is he could always pray it away! lol

  10. I understand why anyone would be pissed off with Everett’s views being given this much attention, but if he was interviewed he was presumably asked his opinion and gave it: don’t blame him for that!

    In any event, it’s worth noting that the older actors like McKellen didn’t come out till they were well past the heroic-lead-role age; and as for Matt Bomer etc time will tell whether they’re really able to achieve stardom or whether they’ll be relegated to the other ranks.

    What Everett could have said, if he wanted to be even-handed about it, is that the worlds of theatre and television are far more advanced than the world of Hollywood movies, and that’s where significant advances are occurring.

    1. Journalists know he’s good for a controversial comment and push the interview in that direction. He needs to learn to shut his trap.

      1. Maybe so, but in fact PN – despite the headline of this article – hasn’t really quoted much of what he said in this interview.

  11. I’m sure he speaks from his own experience. Problem is he thinks that his lack of roles is a result of his coming out. Fact is his lack of roles is a result of his lack any measurable acting talent.

  12. vversatile 14 Jan 2013, 7:56pm

    I sometimes wish Rupert Everett had remained in the closet.

    He never bloody shuts up and has so little of anything useful to say

  13. To quote Harvey Milk, “you must give them hope”. What message does Everett give to anyone other than regression back into the closet. No Everett, the reason we come out is not to do what you want but to stand up for ourselves as who we are and damn you for your excuses.

    1. “You must give them hope”? “must”? Why must anyone do anything? If Everett doesn’t want to be a hope-monger, I don’t see why he should be. Perhaps he is a genuinely tortured, conflicted, guilt-ridden person who goes around with an awful feeling about being gay. Perhaps, when he is interviewed, he doesn’t wish to lie or misrepresent himself. No one, ever, has to state things they don’t believe just to be the part of a party line.

      Remember, unlike Milk, Everett is not a career politician.

      1. He appears to be a career whinger.

      2. I agree, and I have to say I don’t understand why you’ve been marked down so much. Everett is just an actor who’s expressed his opinion when asked.

        1. I’ve been marked down so much because there’s a lot of career victims & moaners use this site.

  14. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 14 Jan 2013, 9:31pm

    Rupert, as much as I think, you are an excellent actor, you have no idea about how many different opinions are amongst gays whether to come out or not. I am neither on the radical gay side to force people to come out nor on those ones who prefer to stay in the closet. What I quite frankly do not understand is your regular outbursts on this topic, with the only result that you have a lot of honestly upset people. You used your right to state your opinion, which is appreciated. But please, is it really necessary to make us all witness how you ridicule yourself over and over again. As a gay man who would love to have kids, who would love tolive publicly but in peace, your outbursts do more damage to gay men than the catholic church, and I always doubted that that is possible. Feel free to publish your opinions but don’t abuse your status as a good actor all the time with such nonsense statements!

  15. He takes his cue from Quentin Crisp, but lacks the wit to match even that second-rate Oscar Wilde.

    1. All are wittier than you’ll ever be.

      1. What exactly is YOUR problem, Joe? You’ve smattered this comment board with negative comments. Why?

        1. Excuse me, I’ve been positive about Everett, against the vast majority of posters who seem to take pride in taking offence. Your trouble is that you seem to think belonging to a hive mind equates with positive. Nothing Rupert Everett says could possibly make me feel angry or victimised, and I am happy to celebrate him as an acting & writing talent.

  16. Shut-up Rupert you ignorant slut.

  17. Does he have anything to promote at present?

  18. Oh here he goes again!! Shut up Everett you’re boring me and are as annoying as Richard Chamberline when he said the same damned thing.

    At the end of the day it’s up to the individual and you have no right to tell other whether or not they should come out!

    Don’t blame your lack of work on coming it, I’d put it more down to you being a winging bore sweet heart!

  19. I like most of the films I’ve seen him in, but what a rabid whinger he is!!!

    1. Cardinal Capone 15 Jan 2013, 11:46am

      Surely he just essentially plays one Wildean character? I could be wrong but I’ve never seen him play a serious and demanding role.

  20. Shut it Rupert, just shut it…!

    1. I just said the same! Shut it, Rupes, shut it, and just go away!

  21. What he really meant to say was avoid plastic surgery

  22. GingerlyColors 15 Jan 2013, 5:25am


  23. Jock S. Trap 15 Jan 2013, 10:57am

    Hasn’t he said this before… repeat much Mr Everett?!!

    May I suggest his lack of good acting jobs is due to bad acting not his sexuality

  24. Shut up, Rupes. We’re all bored to death with your pronouncements.

  25. The word “shut” (as in “shut up Rupert!”) has been used nine times on this page so far! That’s feedback for you, Rupie.

  26. Whatever this moron says to do, do the flipping opposite!

  27. He is one who relys on his looks rather than talent

  28. What a sad and silly man. He’s clearly deeply troubled. I only hope that he isn’t listened to by those who’d do well to hear more positive messages.

  29. Lion in Winter 17 Jan 2013, 1:05am

    Like him or not, what he says is true. Sir Ian is great at the asexual roles, but try doing a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney gig as a gay man and you’d be simply not hired. H’wood feels the need to sell to the lowest common denominator. Rock Hudson aside, how many out gay romantic leads are there out there? And how many out actors that play the older, sexless roles? Look at Sean Hayes doing “Promises, Promises” on B’way 2 seasons ago and the hell he went through from the media.

    Seriously… there are a lot of gay actors who have been pulled aside by their agents and told to not be seen at gay discos or neighbourhoods and ultimately they drop their careers because they are never cast. Ask me how I know…

    Our voices are being silenced.

  30. Staircase2 4 Feb 2013, 4:19pm

    Isn’t this an old story…?

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