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Trans woman accuses Post Office of discrimination for refusing to open a savings account

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Reader comments

  1. This is not discrimination at all… Either open an account in the current name and then change it when yours is legally changed or wait… Cases like this are why people get so frightened of offending someone they end up adding tighter and tighter regulations to things

    1. Its not well written but it looks like she opened the account and paid the deposit under her old name. They didn’t open the account for whatever reason she then had her gender re-assignment and got the letter asking for the ID to approve the account afterwards.

      The fact that she no longer looks like the ID of the named account holder appears to be the problem. I can see why Fiona is upset that is quite a bit of money.

    2. Julian Morrison 13 Jan 2013, 2:49pm

      What’s discriminatory is the law that won’t let you change your documentation until a “gender panel” has sat in judgement of whether you’re trans enough (and only after hoops have been jumped).

      1. Not true; you can obtain replacement passports and driving licences without a Gender Recognition Certificate

  2. Keith Francis Farrell 12 Jan 2013, 11:44pm

    I tend to agre that this is not discrimanation, however Royal mail are guilty of discrimanation against Civil Partnerships.
    My spouse is fillipino and his here on a two year leave to remain. Therefor we both use our own surnames, He cannot use mine without running the risk of loosing his citizenship and passport. also he is still only on a 2 year visa. We moved falts and were required to pay a double amount to have our mail forwarded.
    This is discrimantion. Civil Partnerships are not marriages, but are supposed to get the same treatment. In a marriage the wife takes the husbands surname, and does not run any risk of loosing her passport even if she is here on a 2 year leave to remain.

    1. A wife is not forced to take her husbands name she can refuse to do so. If she does not take the name then they have to pay the double fee too. You chose not to share the same surname

  3. That There Other David 12 Jan 2013, 11:44pm

    Surely the best thing to do here would be for Fiona to update her passport and driving license. Like she says, her old persona is finished with. Her documents need to reflect that, or she’ll keep stumbling into problems like this.

    1. Yes, this. One of the first things I did when I legally changed my name was gleefully get my driving license updated with my new details, and this was pre-hormones and surgery. While I am very sympathetic to Fiona’s situation, I am boggling at the fact that she’s gotten this far along without changing her driving license (in fact, I was told that it was illegal to go around using your old documents as you’ve technically renounced that name and identity). It’s standard practice to be asked for a photo ID for these kinds of things, so it makes sense that changing your photo IDs to updated them with your new details would be the sensible thing to do.

      I can’t see this as being discrimination, just a set of very upsetting and annoying circumstances.

      1. You are right Adam. Once your “legal” name is changed by whatever means, it is illegal to present yourself using your former name, and also you are required to change your driving licence and any other documentation (banks, passport, work etc) to reflect your legal name.

    2. Strictly speaking, it is illegal for Fiona not to provide details of a name change to the DVLA, and can be punished with a conviction and fine. Maybe she should be careful what she wishes for and just obey the rules like everybody else?

  4. She said her drivers license only contained her former name, and that she didn’t hold a passport: “The whole idea is I’m living a new life where my male persona is over and done with.

    In the UK, there is no requirement by law to own a drivers license or a passport, otherwise all UK citizens would own a physical National Identity Card by now, telling anyone you have these documents in your old name is disingenious, and now this is public when opening an new account, keep stum, save your time.

    “They told me to ring a number, and on the phone I had to say I was a transsexual… The moment I say it my whole confidence and belief in being Fiona disappears.”

    Do you have someone who can help out and review things when you are about to deal with authority, maybe to take the pressure off?

    “I’m no longer Stewart and I can’t provide old details. I haven’t got a driving licence and my passport is in my old name”

    Receiving an update to your passport is taking longer than expected.

    1. (continued) The start of the process is challenging, banks (mainly) appear to be the least flexible, at virtually anything, taking your business elsewhere, or persisting with them, not publicly is the best you may get, do you really want your picture in any of the newspapers?

      Good luck

  5. It is easy to get a passport if you have a Deed Poll, a current photo signed and witnessed and you can even change the sex marker to F by supplying two letters from your specialist doctor and your GP. You don’t even need a Gender Recognition Certificate. It helps to pop into the pasport office if you can. There shouldn’t be a problem here and this is what I did and it was a happy experience with supportive staff.

    1. When I changed my name all the bank required was a copy of my Deed Poll Certain and a new signature.
      When I chaneed my passport ,the Agency
      wanted a letter from a recognized Gender Identity spe cialist that I intended to live in
      my new identity henceforward and not revert
      back to my previous ID,plus sight of my Deed Poll Certificate ,just a copy of the latter,I think.

      to my previous

  6. Why are trannies always causing trouble? This is NOT discrimination. This was poor planning on Fionas part.

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 14 Jan 2013, 8:38am

      Cheers Mark. And what charming little expression do you use to refer to black people?

  7. When I returned to biking I needed to update my licence because of having moved to a new address. When I got my licence you were who you said you were and DVLA had no problems with my new name. When I tried to renew my licence I had to supply photographic evidence (in the form of a passport) and a copy of my deed poll, which I’d filled in years ago but never used.

    So to stay on the right side of the law re my driving licence cost me over £100, and that was just a simple address and a passport I don’t need or want. My sympathies are with Fiona…

  8. For crying out loud, get over yourself and stop playing the discrimination card. You can’t try and open a bank account in one name and then provide the neccessary documents in another name. It doesn’t matter who you are, transgender or not. Is it any wonder the LGBT community face negative attitudes from the media and straight community when some of us act like this.

  9. On the one hand the Post Office would need a picture identification (she needs to get a new passport or driving licence). On the other hand it was handled with the tact and delicacy of a bull in a china shop, which surely is discrimination in itself.

  10. This sounds like Fiona has been rather silly – and it all sounds a bit “Lenny Henry, because I is black”.
    Having changed my legal name some time ago, and also opened a bank account at the same time, I’m fully aware of two things she has rather obviously forgotten:

    1) That you are required to change any documentation such as drivers’ licence or bank accounts to reflect your legal name.
    2) When changing your legal name you do this by Deed Poll (generally) and you receive documentation to prove who you are. If Fiona had shown this to the post office along with Drivers’ Licence then I’m sure the post office would have sorted things out.

    To be honest the whole deed poll name change took me 3 weeks to complete, and then about 2 months to finish the 48 name changes with DVLA, banks etc etc.

    The law on sex change does indeed promote acceptance, but common sense dictates that you need to do a bit of work too.

  11. David-Sarah Hopwood 29 Jan 2013, 2:43am

    It appears that Pink News can’t even pay attention to what they’re quoting (it was the passport that was in the old name, and no driving license). The GRC is not a proof of identity, but a birth certificate (either one altered to reflect the new identity, or one that has not been altered plus a Change of Name deed) should be sufficient, and the Post Office is wrong to require only a driving license or passport.

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