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Illinois Republican party chairman refuses to resign over same-sex marriage support

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Reader comments

  1. God bless him, stand up for freedom.

    1. “God”??! Please get your head examined pronto.. This isn’t the Stone Age you know..

    2. maybe not god, the blessings of a non-existent anti-gay bully are irrelevant.

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Jan 2013, 2:31am

    Well done mate for having the guts on your own accord to standing up to bullies and bigots who have nothing better to do in there spare time who having sex with other men in public toilets – while at the same time voting against LGBT friendly legislation in Congress or the state Legislature!

    Republicans need to move into the 21st century and accept the reality of marriage equality!

    Republicans need to stop making silly and stupid comments on being against marriage equality! And;

    Republicans should really focus on the real issues at hand such as the jobs, the economy, health, education (educating themselves more like it) and housing for all Americans – and not focus on social issues, such as legally allowing the rape and domestic violence of women, banning abortion, continually allowing guns in the wrong hands and stop passing legislation that allows constitutional amendments that ban gay marriage!

    There I said it in a nut shell!

  3. PeterinSydney 12 Jan 2013, 3:35am

    Well done Pat Brady. You are an honest and good man.

  4. As a Chicagoan– yet a democrat –I applaud Pat Brady’s support. He’s taking lots of guff from his own party for his statements, but he will end up on the right side of history.

  5. I think it’s a watershed period for the Republican party. Before after defeat the nutcases took the initiative and drove the party to the extremes. Maybe this time more moderate Republicans will see and are seeing that supporting the fringe elements isn’t as sure-fire way to electoral success as they would have hoped and that to win around middle-America again, as well as support from women and minorities – it has to be a bit more pragmatic and grown up

  6. Good make them force you out of office, and then run as an independant. The tea loony bible bashers are shrinking away.

  7. Some people believe in fairness and justice. Others are realising that the equal rights movement will achieve it’s goals and they will not want to be identified as bigots further down the line – as will all those who are resisting equality now.

  8. My god, as if the Republican party has gone SO far to the right that they won’t even allow members to support same-sex marriage!

    It really is a dire state of affairs for the Republicans, who have become increasingly (as seen by the election candidates) extreme in their views. They’ll need to become more moderate if they are to survive as a viable party for Presidential candidacy in the 21st century.

  9. Yet another illustration of why Abraham Lincoln would not be welcome in today’s Republican Party. Well done, Sir!

  10. Welcome to the right side of history, shame the rest of your party are determined to supersede n@zism for the most hated political affiliation.

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