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Trans character, Hayley Cropper, to make dramatic exit from Coronation Street

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Reader comments

  1. Not a corrie fan but my mum was when i was a kid. I remember being about 8 years old when Hayley made her debut appearance. Taught me the word for the feelings I had just started to explore and made me feel a little less of a freak for the first time.

  2. It’s more of a shame because the character of Hayley really is a nice person, something sorely under represented in UK soaps nowadays. Julie is a lovely person too and I respect her decision to leave Hayley behind – the character really has been dead in the water for a very long time, so it’s time to call it a day. Perhaps, what with the ‘straightening’ of ‘gay’ character Marcus, and now the loss of Hayley, Corrie are clearing out their closet?! Watch your back Anthony Cotton!

    1. nah hes just bi :)

  3. No matter how people feel about Julie Hesmondhalgh departing her role as Hayley Cropper, She has to be commended for bringing greater insight, awareness and understanding to trans people.

    It is good that Hayley was developed to show positive morality and integrity which made the public warm to and accept her character..

    This will be a sad loss because she is the only representational trans person I am aware of in a continuous on screen presence.

    I hope the writers “dramatic” departure is a positive jubilant departure! anything less would be an insult to the trans community.

  4. I would like to flag up PN’s clear bias of late towards transsexual stories.

    I demand equal coverage for gays, lesbians, oh, bisexuals too!!

  5. That There Other David 11 Jan 2013, 7:26pm

    Although I’m a sporadic Corrie watcher I’ve always loved the way the producers have handled Hayley’s character. I hope her end isn’t as grisly as other recent departures.

  6. Before any one points out, I will correct: “representational trans person” should be
    “representational trans character”

  7. I’m a bit worried about poor Roy now! Hayley has been a great character. She helped change my elderly mother’s view of GLBT people. She loves all the GLBT characters that have been brought into Corrie over the last 15 years.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if they went off into the sunset together? Introducing greasy spoon fayre to the nations of the world.

  8. It’s not real. It’s a TV show.

    1. That There Other David 12 Jan 2013, 5:41pm

      …that 15 million people watch on a regular basis. The acceptance of a fictional character by a fictional community influences how those 15 million people would deal with a similar real life situation, as I’m sure you realise.

    2. Hayley is NOT TV she is TS!

  9. If she’s determined to go, at least write her out wit a storyline that gives her space to come back

  10. i will be truthful before i thought of tanssxuals a bit on the weird side. She changed or her persona did my view on trans people. Now i dont give a fuck what you wear, you can be viewed in my eyes as a woman and you can marry my sister any day. I love what sexuality can branch off into from pan to trans queer

  11. Let’s hope that the next time a soap casts a transsexual role, they cast a male actor in drag or a genuine trans, as the casting of Hesmondhaigh gave the totally wrong impression that so called transwomen are actually women.

  12. This is a non story as its just a straight woman playing a transgendered person.

    It should have been a real transgendered Male to Female actor in real life that got the part instead not just faking one for the part.

    If it was a real transgendered person who had the role then it would have made the story line more credible and better for the LGBT community.

    1. ‘It should have been a real transgendered Male to Female actor in real life that got the part instead not just faking one for the part’

      To be fair they did have Bill Tarmey (Jack Duckworth) in drag in one episode and he was as credible as a woman as those men who label themselves ‘transgender’ .

      Julie Heasmondhalgh a woman, playing a man who thinks he is a woman (despite medical mutilation) never really cut the mustard.They should of had someone like Les Dawson or perhaps the man who calls himself ‘Renee Slater’ .Still it’s sad to see Haley go…Maybe Roy will fall for crazy Mary who is at least a woman ?

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