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Survey: Big drop in Americans who say being gay is a sin

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Reader comments

  1. I suspect we all have not fully realized just how big of deal it was that Obama/Biden so clearly came out in favor of marriage equality for same sex relationships.

    I apprecioate many were frustrated with how seemingly long this took but nevertheless it has had quite an impact, not only inside teh USA but globally.

  2. Darren Theoret 11 Jan 2013, 12:02pm

    We should do a pole to determine what percentage of the world believes being American is a sin!
    I don’t care what Americans think of me, I’m going to live my life.

    1. I’m sure LGBT Americans care, especially as they live with it.

      Have some thought for others, we wouldnt have the rights we have without others supporting us.

      1. Darren Theoret 11 Jan 2013, 3:44pm

        Hey David, I am actually a social worker of over 30 years experience. Almost every thought I have is for other people. The points that I awkwardly tried to make were: 1) Americans consume more than their fair share of the earths resourses which more third world countries might call sin, and 2) I am not going to sit around and wait for their approval before I live my life. I also happen to be a Mohawk Indian whose country has been occupied by Americans for hundreds of years so I’m a little light on the sympathy. I hope that makes things clearer.

    2. William DeLaney 11 Jan 2013, 2:57pm

      Do pay heed to the fact that there are certain European cultures that are considerably more homophobic than any American could dream of being. I recall that a Pride march in Belgrade, for example, was once attacked with automatic weapons.

      So you say you are not responsible for what people do in Belgrade? Well, I’m not responsible for the homophobic nonsense that goes on in certain parts of the USA, for the same reason. The area I live in happens to be one of the most forward-looking, liberal-minded places in the USA, arguably the world in general.

      As much as I admire CERTAIN parts of Europe for their social progress, they don’t have a monopoly on moral enlightenment, nor does the USA have the market cornered on ignorance.

  3. Paul from Tacoma, WA 11 Jan 2013, 12:32pm

    Being gay is a sin – WRONG!

    I am a proud gay Christian that is engaged to my boyfriend and the bible gets misinterpreted all the time!

    The bible DOES NOT AT ALL say being gay is a sin!

    How about this proposed sin:

    After Commandment Number 10; Add –

    “Commandment Number 11: Being a stupid bigoted homophobic moron and prick is a grave sin that will land you in deep dark hot hell!”

    The bigoted Catholic Pope should go to hell for all I care, because he hates us gays and that he still thinks the world is flat and that pigs fly when he smokes cones too! Still stuck in the 10th century as per usual rooting alter boys, being a hypocrite and still wearing an ugly soiled frock that has not been washing for centuries too!

    1. Darren Theoret 11 Jan 2013, 12:42pm

      Dear Paul, try not to let things stay bottled-up; it’s not good for you :)

  4. From Wikipedia:

    “In Western Christianity, sin is believed to alienate the sinner from God. It has damaged, and completely severed, the relationship of humanity to God. That relationship can only be restored through acceptance of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross as a substitutionary sacrifice for mankind’s sin.”

    Does anyone else think they just make up this drivel as they go along…..

    1. Darren Theoret 11 Jan 2013, 12:44pm

      Dave, I believe “this drivel”

      1. Fine. Please keep it to yourself and we will get on just dandy.

        1. Darren Theoret 11 Jan 2013, 12:54pm

          Wee bit on the pushy side this morning? You asked, I answered! now you’re telling me to “keep it to myself” because I believe something you don’t? Do you “get along just dandy” with many people?

          1. Dave North 11 Jan 2013, 1:08pm

            No. I am simply saying that I have zero interest in religion other than defending myself from its constant constant abuse.

  5. In the constitutional amendment to ban equal marriage in Minnesota we saw two of our neighbors in one house put up a vote YES sign. The rest of the neighborhood were totally shocked and started contacting us to say they were voting NO and loved our vote NO sign. In our are VOTE NO won by a massive majority. And we won in the State. It shows the shifting of times alright. Living in a neighborhood knowing all your friendly neighbors back you up with deed not just word is awesome.

  6. William DeLaney 11 Jan 2013, 2:40pm

    I have actually examined the New Testament fairly carefully. For one thing, I am increasingly doubtful about Paul the “Apostle.” His disdainful, misogynistic tone is very contradictory to the person spoken of in other parts of the NT.

    However, another thing that strikes me is that there is only one place in the Bible where Jesus comes close to talking about gay people, but he actually refers to people born as “eunuchs.” There is one theory that he was using a broad meaning of the word “eunuch” that may have included certain gay men. Otherwise, he doesn’t seem to mention homosexuality at all.

    There are certain parts of the Old Testament that seem to condemn homosexuality, but they seem to be a bunch of assorted legal documents more than anything. They are really quite interesting, but I don’t see any divine commandment in them.

    In fact, the Christians did not really persecute gay people much in particular until the reign of Theodosius I, who was really quite a monster.

  7. Lelio Risen 11 Jan 2013, 3:54pm

    I no longer care if people think my being gay is a sin, or if they think it is okay as long as I do not have relations with my partner. I pay taxes and I will be having my full civil rights in America whether bigots like it or not. It is just a matter of when.

    There was a point when majority opinion decided it wasn’t okay for slaves to be emancipated, for blacks and whites to inter-marry, for women to be allowed to vote, and so on….In the future, attitudes towards gay people will be looked at in the same way.

    If anybody thinks that any religious book, or any ‘spiritual book’, at any rate, is focused on singling out gay people to revile, they are just fulfilling their own bigoted agenda. Jesus is not quoted as saying that 2 members of the same sex should not be able to love each other. The Old Testament advocated death to children who cursed their mother or father.

    Being gay is not a sin, but bigotry has a unique evil, all its own.

  8. Liam the God 11 Jan 2013, 4:08pm

    Wow! America is finally catching up with the 1990’s! Except in the South where they seem to still be fighting the Civil War.

  9. johnny33308 11 Jan 2013, 7:01pm

    Yet again, those who claim to be “religious” are the front runners of hatred and bigotry. When will humanity get rid of the disease of Religion? Isn’t it time rationality was put forth as the reasonable way to deal with everything, or are humans simply too stupid and dull to continue to evolve? Personally, I think too many are too stupid to ever evolve in any meaningful way…they cling to irrational superstition like a life raft, and many are Proud to say so….and here in the US there are VAST numbers of such idiots….many in our own government, in fact. That says it all, I guess….

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