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Poll: Strong support across Europe for equal marriage and adoption – but France divided

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Reader comments

  1. It’s ridiculous. It’s clearly not a small minority if just under half of EVERYONE thinks lesbians and gays can adopt; so why should 1% stop them allowing it?

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Jan 2013, 2:17pm

      Usually because their religion stops them actually thinking for themselves. Because of that they think their religion dictates over any state laws etc.

      It’s exactly whats happening here. They nah sayers (or bigots to use another term) are a minority but scream that they should be the ones that people listen to, not the majority.

  2. They can’t say what 51% of the population thinks unless they ask everyone – all they can say is 51% of the people they asked/knew about/took the survey.

    1. That’s true of every survey. They just need to ask a representative sample and go with that percentage. This is why different surveys give varying results. They are never precise but are a useful indicator of trends.

    2. I agree that it is not correctly worded here though.

  3. Exactly why we need to keep fighting on and challenge every lie that comes out. People are realising slowly but surely that were nothing to be scared of, but its a big ship to turn and takes time.

  4. And isn’t it funny that France will still be ahead of equal legislation though?

  5. Strange because polls from a few years ago showed support for gay marriage at france at

    64% supported Marriage Equality
    49% adoption rights

    June 2008
    62% supported Marriage Equality
    51% supported LGBT adoption rights.

    August 2012
    65% supported marriage equality
    53% support LGBT adoption.

    Polls at bottom with links on wiki page

    1. I wouldn’t trust wikipedia as a reliable source.

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