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Gay former NFL player says there are many ‘semi-openly’ gay US athletes

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Reader comments

  1. Staircase2 11 Jan 2013, 4:15am

    RIP E Lynn Harris
    Gone but your legacy lives on
    bless ya!

  2. This is why no one wants to come out with gay people always speculating. Let people come out in their own time and stop harrasing and bullying them

    1. Staircase2 11 Jan 2013, 3:57pm

      Who’s speculating…?

      Wade Davis is saying there ARE gay players not that there ‘may be’

      Noone will ever come out unless they think there are other people in the same boat – catch22 I know but it’s true. That’s why visibility is so important – because it stops people being invisible…

  3. To say people don’t want to come out because of gay people speculating is ridiculous. Do we think they stay in the closet through annoyance at not being able to tell everyone first? The problem is that speculating on aspects of a persons private life is fair game – if they’re straight. Take a footballer over here where we speculate about who he’s sleeping with, who he’s engaged to, how many kids he has, what he calls them, what his parents do, what his siblings do, how much he pays for his house, what he wears in bed….yet as soon as you speculate someone might be gay – the whole world rises up in horror as if it’s akin to accusing someone of kicking a cute puppy in the face. And this is the reason why people don’t come out. Not because of speculation but the way sexuality is only a ‘ooh you shouldn’t mention things like that’ taboo when it comes to homosexuality. If it wasn’t more people might feel more comfortable coming out.

  4. This is not news. Sadly.

  5. The media keep on waiting for a gay male pro athlete from a top American sport to come out and I do not believe it is going to happen. Wade Davis is correct that there are probably gay guys on pro teams in the NBA, MLB, NFL, ect. who they KNOW the guy is gay. But there is a code of silence it seems where the gay male athlete has to be quiet about his homosexuality and I don’t think that’s acceptance sounds more like tolerance. So let’s say if a gay male athlete wants to break that code of silence does it mean his teammates will turn on him? And not support the guy?

    Also, I feel I can understand WHY an American gay male athlete does NOT want to come out. He can live his life privately, not worry about the press or having homophobic fans give the guy a hard time. Seems like the closet is a safer place for these guys. The gay community is also a problem gays are hypocritical and probably place too much expectations and responsibility on the gay male athlete. Nobody wants that that.

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