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Celebrity Big Brother’s Paula Hamilton says Sam Robertson is a ‘closet queen’

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Reader comments

  1. Hamilton received therapy in 2006, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It was revealed in 2007 that Hamilton was in fact suffering from a combination of dyslexia, dyspraxia and Aspergers syndrome.

    1. What is your point? That this excuses slander?

      1. Being called gay isn’t slander Bryan. That implies there is something wrong with being gay and there isn’t.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Jan 2013, 1:39pm

    What business is it of hers? She ought to shut her big mouth and get on with her own life instead of worrying about someone’s sexual orientation. Who does she think she is? Look in the mirror, Hamilton!

    1. I hope Sam carefully considers his next move when he learns of this slander…

      1. Its not slander … its been well established in british law for a long time that slander is a malicious untrue statement made which lowers the reputation of a person in the mind of right thinking people. The courts have held ever since Jason Donovan sued the Face that being gay is not a bad thing – but it is slander if they insinuate a person’s relationship with a member of the opposite sex is based on lies and deceit.

        Based on the report here she didn’t say that hes a closet gay in a fake relationship with somebody and shagging men in secret.

  3. Jock S. Trap 11 Jan 2013, 2:21pm

    I question if someone using the term ‘queen’ and has a coconut called Boris as a ‘gay best friend’ should really be listened too?!

    1. Me, too. What a silly thing to share with the public.

      “I’ve got an avocado called dessert’.

  4. That suggests that being called gay is a bad thing ? Who cares if he is or isn’t, but calling it slander is a bit 1970’s .

  5. That’s his choice not hers.

    Strange, she sounds bitter, did he reject her I wonder?

  6. She’s of a time when calling someone gay was slanderous and she’s probably just having one of her Little Turns. He doesn’t look the sort to care one way or the other what she thinks of him anyway.

    All very sad really.

  7. The fact that ITV allowed the comment to get to air is questionable/ This incident took the show to a whole new low!

    The tabloid fodder on Sam Robertson less than 24hrs later is unfair and unjustified.

    Sam seems like a nice guy, his conduct i the house has been respectful and diplomatic avoiding drama and conflict. For this allegation to be made about him (at this point without his knowledge) shows poor judgement about what a person may privately think, vs what a person says
    in public. At this moment in time he neither needs neither eviction or to be fed to the vulture tabloids that await his exit. I hope BB warn him in advance and bar Brian Dowling questions and surprise Revelation.

    This mans life is private! his image is public, insinuation remarks are unjustified and inexcusable, potentially damaging to his personal and professional life.Non of which should mean he has to justify his sexuality because of thoughtless remarks which may be without substance.

    1. What has it got to do with ITV? I thought that Celeb Big Bro and Bit on the Side were Channel 5 programmes.

  8. Ben Foster 11 Jan 2013, 5:20pm

    I’ve never heard of either of them. The word ‘Celebrity’ in the title of this programme is in contravention of the Trade Description Act.

  9. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 Jan 2013, 6:27pm

    More fools the people who actually watch this tripe and consider the participants to be ‘celebrities’. Some people have very low expectations if they call the likes of Rylan Clark who sand badly on a singing contest to be a celebrity. But there again any proper celebrity with a shred of integrity wouldn’t appear on this show I guess.

  10. paula hamilton is indeed a very vile , pathetic creature who thought she was having a pop at sam by insinuating he was gay(seems like homophobia to me). This woman is a thrice convicted drunk driving, media whore best forgotten.

  11. That There Other David 11 Jan 2013, 8:00pm

    LOL. Are people still watching that crap? :-D

  12. PMSL when one person is obsessed with another person’s sexuality..why? Does it make them feel better about themselves?

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