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British Medical Association urges for gay men to receive HPV vaccine

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Reader comments

  1. Everyone should be entitled to EVERY vaccination available there shouldn’t be a lottery on it, straight men are at risk if they sleep with non-vaccinated women.

  2. Staircase2 11 Jan 2013, 4:22pm

    Although the reality is that doesn’t mean vaccinating ‘gay men’, it means vaccinating boys at the same age as they already vaccinate girls.

    Entirely sensible idea.

  3. This vaccine should, at the very least, be extended to any man or boy who wants it. You should be able to walk into your GP, request it and have it done there and then.

  4. Deviant abominations 11 Jan 2013, 7:38pm

    Unlike natural sex between a mutually monogamous male female couple. Sodomy always caries the HPV risk. Nature is telling you something. There is a right way and a wrong way.

    1. Oh yeah, because male female couples don’t catch or transmit any STI’s. Is nature telling them something? idiot.

  5. Why is the BMA so ageist?

    Does it think that older people don’t merit equal protection and are only fit for the Liverpool Death Pathway?

    1. The vaccine is not effective once an individual has HPV, therefore it is targeted at younger individuals, ideally prior to them becoming sexually active – it is not a case of being ageist

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