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US: Radio host Rush Limbaugh refuses to apologise for equal marriage ‘paedophila’ slur

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Reader comments

  1. Of course he doesn’t! He is selling a product – Fear, paranoia, hatred and bigotry. And in the US, it sells well.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Jan 2013, 5:11pm

    Very similar to our own conservative right wing religious nutters who believe that equal marriage could spark a demand for polygamy, incest and bestiality, the majority of them of course are Tories.

  3. Another bigot that doesn’t understand the principal of consent.

    1. He also didn’t read the full article, probably too many words for him. Or he is just lying.

      He actually backtracks in the quote shown…..

      “They’re advocating for it here. Or the people they quote are.”

      Well which is it Rush, you are repeating the story. Shouldn’t you get your facts right?

  4. I’m shocked.

  5. Robert (Kettering) 10 Jan 2013, 7:35pm

    In 100 years time people will look back and laugh at people like this as we do today when we consider “flat Earthers”.

    Total ignorance with a mind set equal to your average Medieval peasant.

    1. Your average medieval peasant probably had more fun and far fewer hangups. Just because he didn’t have the knowledge we have now don’t suppose he wouldn’t think that Limbaugh was an ass.

  6. Equating being gay with paedophila is like equating being str8 with rape.

    1. Actually, equating being gay with pedophilia is completely ok, since both are sexual orientations. There is nothing wrong about being a pedophile just like there is nothing wrong about being gay.

      A better comparison would be, equating being a pedophile with being a rapist is like equating being straight with rape. Being a pedophile is not wrong, is just your sexual orientation, what turns you on, your sexuality. People dont choose to be pedophiles any more they choose to be gay.

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