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US Marine Corps: Officers’ spouses clubs must admit gay couples, or leave

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t always think it’s necessarily the best way to force people to accept us, but I suppose it saves us another 100 years of pointlessly waiting around for them to realise that straight people are not an ‘elite’ and for them to wake up to the idea that gay people are real and have been around for as long as the human race.

    As for this coming from the US Marine Corps, well they sound far more accepting than ‘organised’ religion.

    1. Rhoderick Gates 10 Jan 2013, 2:06am

      No one’s forcing them to sign contracts with the US marines. That’s a choice.

    2. Oh, I don’t know – if there’s a standard policy of non-discrimination it has to be consistent, whether people like it or not.

  2. Having laws to protect our rights is essential. If we wait for people to come round to the idea we will wait forever. Much better to force it on them. They’ll get used to it quickly and will eventually wonder what the fuss was about. Schools would still be segregated in the southern states if it had been left to public opinion.

  3. The principle is quite simple and clear, I think. Any social group associated with a given professional body which uses its facilities must comply with its regulations. People only seem to have a mental block about this when it comes to wanting to indulge their prejudices. Good for the Marine Corps!

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