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Sweden ends forced sterilisation rule for people who undergo gender reassignment

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Reader comments

  1. I am not against this change, but why is it called forced sterilisation? No-one is being forced into being sterilised.

    1. Yes, it is. Anyone needing gender reassignment surgery – a medical treatment – was obliged to be sterilised in order to receive that treatment. That is placing someone under duress.

  2. Holy sugar. I signed a petition against this so long ago I can’t even remember how long it was ! How slow are their government?!! It’s was an unbelievable policy – once thing it has done is damage the reputation of Sweden’s government considerably.

    This change is excellent news.

    1. Still quicker than here. I remember reading the story of this early last year. It could have happened sooner had those pesky Christians not blocked the planned change in the law. Either way it is still quicker than anything that happens in this country.

  3. ‘Gender reassignment’ or medical mutilation – time to stop this absurdist fantasy altogether .Pump your self full of hormones ,sew on some fake body parts or butcher a few bits n bobs off – you still remain the sex that you were born.Time to accept and respect your true identity and not some distorted image.Going along with the Emperors new Clothes fantasy of calling someone a ‘she’ when they are a ‘he’ is a bit like calling an anorexic ‘fat’ just to make them feel better .

    1. An anorexic would not feel better if you called them fat.

      1. Oops – I did mean to say ‘skinny’ – but you get the point

        1. What an idiot you are Ray!

    2. @ Ray: Are you a gay man? If you are then the same logic would apply to you. You have a penis so you should only have sexual and romantic feelings for a woman. Stop your absurdist belief that you are attracted to men. I know better than you do what you should feel.

  4. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 11 Jan 2013, 12:39pm

    Long overdue!

    The current law was clearly in breach of the Europen Court of Human Rights (ECOHRs)!

  5. Good news. I signed the petition too.

  6. Erica Keppler 15 Jan 2013, 2:53pm

    While this is certainly wonderful news, there is a serious error in the article. The Swedish law did not require people to be sterilized to get surgery. The were required to get sterilized to change their gender marker on government issued documentation. That is far more severe and wildly unreasonable. This reflects the common confusion with gender transition and gender changing surgeries. They are not the same and one does not require the other.

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