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MPs sign petition encouraging government to allow gender-neutral passports

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Jan 2013, 6:50pm

    About time! I wonder what the ratio is between Tory and non-Tory signatures in the petition?

  2. are you ?:

    A. Male
    B. Female
    C. Centaur
    D.Male masquerading as female
    E. Female masquerading as male
    F.Trans-Male masquerading as trans-female in the body of a Female masquerading as male .

    Lets just use some common sense and say what we are – either MALE or FEMALE.Airport security will have some nasty surprises if they frisk someone ‘gender neutral’ ! :) – and it would not be fair on them or their working conditions .

    1. Spanner1960 10 Jan 2013, 11:25pm

      Insensitive arsehole statements like that don’t help matters.
      Some people happen to be both genders.
      I mean, even you come across as both a dick and a c*nt.

    2. The word TROLL comes to mind here!!!

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Jan 2013, 11:49am

        Deeply closeted self-loather I think, Mickie. One sick individual for sure.

  3. I think it’s an excellent idea! It’s not rocket science.

    The only problem I think they could come upon is when entering other countries. Some how I don’t think they’d except it.

  4. Good idea. Not all trans people are binary, and there are also many intersex people who don’t want to be lumped in with either sex as well.

  5. Spanner1960 11 Jan 2013, 5:29pm

    Just out of curiosity here, surely babies would have to have their genders written on their Birth Certificates, so would that not also apply to passports?

    1. Two responses to this.

      Firstly, no. My birth certificate shows me as male, while my passport shows me as female. This is not my idea, but the result of some seriously skewed law in this country.

      Second, your gender marker is the result the result of a 30 second visual examination. If it has a tassle, it is male. There are several problems with this. Everyone “knows” that XX is female and that XY is male. Except that XY with androgen insensitivity syndrome will develop as female. Except that there are around 30 other combinations of genes representing various intersex conditions, some of which may manifest as ambiguous genital characteristics, among a great number of other manifestations. Then there is gender dysphoria, the stereotypical man born in a woman’s body. Then there are the many who do not the fit the gender binary, perhaps they do not have a gender, or boh or something else. After that, it starts to get a bit complicated.

      Dang…run into the character count limit

  6. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Jan 2013, 2:52am

    Australia, Canada and New Zealand allow transgender passports – so the United Kingdom should get on board with them too!

    So should the United States!

  7. Well, some 20-30 years ago passports did not hold any reference to either gender or sex…..
    It was a useless addition which does not have any real value in identifying a person!
    This ludicrous label should be removed again!

    Just as that legal registration of sex/gender should be abolished!
    We are supposed to have full equality between male and female, that should be with inclusion of everything in between, so any legal labels to devide us into separate boxes can only be used to discriminate!

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