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US: Washington Judge says he will not perform same-sex wedding ceremonies

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Reader comments

  1. The whole “whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren” and “do unto others as you would have done unto you” just passes these bloody fools by, doesn’t it.

    Nothing but contempt for the “faithful” (how about you do the right thing because you are a human bloody being, not because some ridiculous fairy story tells you to).

    1. Indeed. That whole ‘so how can you have any morals?’ cr@p from fundies when you mention you’re an atheist really aggravates me. I find it disturbing that they’re implying they don’t know right from wrong unless they read it in the bible.

      Wasn’t there a judge in the UK who used someone’s religion as proof that they had morals? He (I think it was a man) was criticised and rightly so.

  2. Errrm – isn’t this mixing ‘religion’ with ‘state’? If so, he should be sacked. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Civil Servants refusing to do their job because of ‘relgious convictions’. Hopefully, the Eurpoean Court will resolve this over our side of the pond. It could take veryu much longer in the USA with all those lawyers ….

  3. Brings into question whether or not he can hear cases regarding gays and lesbians without having his personal bigotry influence his decision making.

    1. Excellent point! Let’s hope some gay-rights organisation challenges this old frat in court – preferably not his own :)

  4. Philosophical reasons?? Did he add that in in case anyone criticised his mixing of state and religion?

  5. Nobody wants to be married by a reluctant bigot. He won’t be missed. However, I think he should be re-trained for another job or fired. Since when do state employees get to choose which bits of their paid job they get to do?
    “Temple of the Holy Spirit”. How fuc|<ing stupid.

  6. then again we always again and again come back to the same thing : all the bigotry, the hatred can be traced back to the same UNIQUE common denominator. Religion. When will we understand what has to be done?…not any time soon I’m afraid

  7. Does he apply the same anti-gay bias when it comes to trials?

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jan 2013, 6:09pm

    Any religious state employee should be forced to marry a gay couple. If they don’t, then they should be sacked and replaced with someone who is willing to do his or her job properly. Why should religious bigots get a free pass? Religion is a chosen lifestyle, a hobby in some ways and in many others, an addiction. Nobody is born that way. Why should tax payers fund someone’s religious beliefs in the first place is beyond the pale. The sooner these idiots learn they work for the state not any church, the better.

    He would be the first to scream discrimination if he were refused public services of any kind unrelated to his job or his religion.

  9. From the look of him, he’s jealous

  10. I would so love to know what the reaction would be if he signalled his unwillingness to perform mixed-race marriages (an attitude that would have been acceptable in many parts of the USA before the 1960s).

  11. friday jones 9 Jan 2013, 11:39pm

    If his religious viewpoint is that his body is “a temple of the Holy Spirit,” then why is he such a fat out-of-shape slob? The Holy Spirit must be really angry about how this judge let his temple maintenance go.

  12. This dumb judge is a stupid prick that should be immediently sacked!

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