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US: Judge rules Bradley Manning mistreated in military detention

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  1. While this is a start it’s not the whole picture not gives perspective in relation to what is happening and has happened to Bradley. Check out

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 11 Jan 2013, 1:11pm

    Land of the free my arse!

    He should be released from jail NOW!

    His only crime was releasing information that should be free to the whole public and not locked up in a military computer database hard drive in the middle of Iraq, Afghanistan, Virginia and/or Area 51!

    A life sentence for just that, what a joke the United States is!

    He is a full hero and fully deserves the freedom medal and I am a full supporter of total freedom of information and freedom of speech! What the government has done is shown what they hide and have millions of secrets that people like us and the media really should be told!

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