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UKIP on ‘wrong side of history’ for opposing equal marriage — says sacked youth chairman

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Reader comments

  1. Craig Denney 9 Jan 2013, 1:54pm

    UKIP = BNP

  2. Satisfyingly embarrassing for UKIP.

  3. UKIP on ‘wrong side of history’.

    there, that’s better

  4. Ukippers

  5. Then it’s goodbye to my vote for UKIP.

  6. I thought UKIP considered themselves a libertarian party?

    Clearly not, but ideological consistency has never been the extreme Right’s forté.

    1. Tim Roll-Pickering 9 Jan 2013, 4:34pm

      UKIP has been a bit of a mess for most of its history. It was originally founded as a focused Eurosceptic party by an ex Liberal butattracted people from all over the political spectrum united solely by a desire to leave Europe. This may be why the party has been in vicious internal warfare for most of its history, not that many noticed pre-Kilroy.

      Nigel Farage has been trying to push UKIP into a broader libertarian right party but at the same time it keeps going after the social authoritarian vote and the result is a very awkward coalition of internal contradictions that was inevitably going to fracture at some point.

  7. So now we know that UKIP is not the “libertarian” party it likes to portray itself as.

    No “freedom of conscience” on the “gay marriage” issue. Seems likely they’d put a three line whip on this vote if they were in Parliament now. Proves it’s really a homophobic party, as most suspected anyway.

  8. This story is now on the BBC website, but not yet reported by BBC TV news

  9. We can shorten it further:
    UKIP is wrong …

  10. I’m not in the least surprised that UKIP wants a strong party line on this – otherwise how will they use marriage to woo the disaffected Tory right, which is clearly their new strategy?

    This will certainly help net them votes in the next election.

    But, as I’ve argued on PN before, in the medium term they risk not just electoral punishment but also negatively tainting their key policy of EU withdrawal.

    And as I’ve also argued before, it’s a lot easier to pull wingnuts in than to shut them up.

    UKIP will reap short-term benefits, but this strategy is a mistake that they will come to rue.

  11. Alan Edwards 9 Jan 2013, 3:51pm

    UKIP should rename itself the “Little Britain Party”….but the members must beware! Who amongst them is “the only Gay in the village”?

    Right wing morons!

  12. UKIP would receive a lot of negative publicity if they advocated discrimination against any racial groups. However the BBC, to give just one example, doesn’t give a damn about homophobic discrimination. So nothing will be said.

    I believe that UKIP gets support from a lot of fair-minded people, who would turn their backs on the party if they understood where it stands on gay equality. Unfortunately that will not happen for as long as the BBC fails deal with this story in the manner it deserves. Why hasn’t Farage been asked to explain himself and so-called “libertarian” party?

    1. A lot of these “fair-minded people” would turn their backs on the party if they knew where it stood on race too. There is a strong racist element to this party, the Daily Mail readers like it for this reason. UKIP is a right wing populist party for people who find the BNP a bit too working class.

  13. Do we need any more proof that this party is largely made up of hate-filled little crypto-fascists? If you like your racism and homophobia spouted by respectable, posh people then this is your party!

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