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Student activist forced to justify sexuality in asylum case

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Reader comments

  1. webmaster@cwfriend 9 Jan 2013, 8:17am

    This is not the first time I’ve heard about this. I’m a trustee for a LGBT charity based in the West Midlands (Coventry & Warwickshire Friend) and we are currently supporting 3 clients who are in the same situation and recently we have successfully assisted a client. She was being forced to prove their sexuality to the Border Agency.

  2. This is tricky. It can’t be enough just to say you are Gay get a passport. Once that route to asylum is known as an easy option it will be flooded, making it even more difficult for genuine cases to get through. But how DO you prove it? Demanding photographs of sexual acts would be appalling (and easy to fake). The authorities need to use their discretion but are they qualified? Are there GLBT people involved in the analysis?

    1. “Are there GLBT people involved in the analysis?”

      I’ve always wondered that too.

    2. I think the fact that hes been actively involved in NUS and LGBT campaigns is proof enough.

      1. No, sadly it’s not. That’s one way false claimants have used (joining LGBT groups). I do feel sorry for genuine claimants as bogus asylum seekers have ruined it for everyone else in real need. Now everyone’s treated like a fraudster.

        How’s this man supposed to prove he’s really gay? Any genuine action on his part is tainted by those doing the same and trying to claim asylum under false pretences. It must be very, very frustrating.

  3. These types of cases, as with all asylum cases are difficult.

    But why should and how does one prove that they are gay?

  4. Or how do you prove you are a political asylum seeker?

    All asylum seekers have hearings and all have to provide evidence of their case. This is normal procedure.

    The system may be long and drawn out and they need to sort that out but all asylum seekers have to follow the system in the mean time.

    What are the protesters protesting about as the decision hasn’t been made yet?

    1. I accept it is a difficult issue but in this guy’s case, I would say that on the basis on his involvement with all the LGBT stuff he is connected with in the UK he would be extremely likely to be at risk of persecution when returning to his home country. I think its unlikely they would be asking many questions about his sexuality. I think they would take it as read that he was gay, and act accordingly.

  5. It should be irrelevant to his asylum claim whether he is actually gay or not, just as it is irrelevant in cases of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

    All that should matter is whether he is likely to be persecuted if he returns due to his perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

    It should be enough to prove that is known in Senegal that he was elected in the UK as a “voice for LGBT Black students.” It is already evident that people who are thought to be gay are routinely persecuted in Senegal.

  6. How can he be a student and an asylum seeker? An overseas student is given leave to remain if they meet certain criteria. This case doesn’t make sense.

    1. Yes, it’s not explained very well. Other articles say he graduated in 2009, so, presumably, his student visa has now expired (I think you’re allowed to stay for an additional year after graduating). Then this article says he became involved with the NUS in 2011.

      What confused me was that it doesn’t say when he was detained. Was it prior to being a student or after? It’s not at all obvious.

  7. What’s with the dodgy formatting, grammar, and language inappropriate for a news report in this article? Did no one proofread this? Pretty shoddy Pink News.

  8. onesecond 9 Jan 2013, 5:32pm

    He should sleep with a lot of gay men in the UK to have witnesses and record most of the encounters on tape. I’m sure some man will be there to help him with this. And then he should flood the court with porn and sex partners.

  9. he is lying big time and deep inside he knows that check his facebook account and u will see that he is just fooling everyone… i dont feel sorry for him anymore am senegalese and follow all his comments and 200% he is lying he is not GAY!!!! one advice tacko at least delete ur facebook account where everyone can see you with ur sister and family and by the way i taugh that ur parent were dead such a lie!!!! i just read in one of ur comment that ur mum is in spain.. shame on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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