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Gay Cuban American poet chosen for Obama inauguration

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Reader comments

  1. What a splendid choice. Obama has shown wise and courageous judgement once again. This guy had an upbringing from hell. Can you believe that evil granny?! I’m happy he is enjoying such success now.

  2. Helge V. Tiller 9 Jan 2013, 9:18pm

    No-No- No, Mr. R. Blanco ; You are a bright star of The Gay Community ! Talented and intelligent. And You look just beautiful.

  3. A poet unfamiliar to me. Looking forward to reading his work and have purchased his last collection.

    1. Rhoderick Gates 10 Jan 2013, 2:03am

      No doubt an unfamiliar one as intended as an indirect slight against Cuba. Lol, and playing up to the Cuban-American lobby.

      1. I have no idea Rhoderick what you are talking about? I am not an American citizen and I am not political. I am however interested in literature and what an individual voice has to say about their lives through their art.

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