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French Government: Twitter should ban homophobic and anti-semitic tweets

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Reader comments

  1. If society is to allow racism and homophobia online then it might as well allow it in the classroom and workplace.
    People should, however; be free to discuss sexuality or race, that is not the same as using a racist or homophobic word. Why should it be ok to call me a ‘fag’ online but not in the office?

  2. And this Sunday half a million people are expected to protest against gay rights! Marine Le Pen the fascist leader of the the National Front (right-wing party) of my country has now called upon the Muslims to protest too! And yet she has on so many occasions slagged the Muslims off! Her father has said such vile things in the past (and even a bomb attack on him in the past to kill him because he has that vile!) that charges have been brought against him over and over! L’égalité pour tous!!!!!!!

    1. was that vile**

    2. My enemy’s enemy is my friend comes to mind. And all bigots of all religions have already in the past few years made joint declarations condemning homosexuality as an abomination. For ALL those liberals that hide behind “freedom of religion”, it’s only fanning the flames of “freedom to hate”. And there is NOT A SINGLE politician who would have the balls, the cheek or the audacity to single out religion as the root cause of all hate speeches against us. Until that day comes, nothing can truly change, essentially.
      If only the LGBT had some balls and the will to display a little bit of muscle, maybe things might look up.
      At least in Europe, all we do is turn the other cheek, shout online and lobby in pinstripe suits…that will never effect durable, deep political change. Just get us in cocktail parties with some of the rich and powerful, and get us a few crumbs of political change.
      Mass demonstrations? we are incapable of them : too busy bitching, shopping, clubbing…

  3. David Cary Hart 10 Jan 2013, 1:52am

    Well I am in both categories (Jewish and gay). I positively loathe censorship. In a public forum like Twitter, people should be able to spout their ignorance.

    I like to think that people know the difference.

    1. Mike the Asian 10 Jan 2013, 9:38am

      I completely agree. They might be vile and bigoted, but they should absolutely have the right to say what they like, just as they should then face the consequences of doing so. Equal rights does not mean restricting freedom of speech – that isn’t equal, it’s selective and dictatorial.

      1. 10 Jan 2013, 12:19pm

        In that case change the law to allow incitement to hatred online but not in every other area of life

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