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US: Gallaudet University reinstates diversity officer suspended for signing equal marriage petition

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Reader comments

  1. She just doesn’t seem the right kind of person for the job of diversity officer. She’s Black and deaf. I would have hoped she had more liberal an attitude to another minority group. What a screwed up woman. Christian perhaps?

    1. She’s reported to have signed the petition after listening to a sermon about marriage at a church….

  2. Neon Genesis 8 Jan 2013, 1:10am

    If she was a white woman who said she opposed interracial marriage, she would have been fired from her job but because it’s about same sex marriage, she gets a paid vacation for a few months.

  3. Christopher Hobe Morrison 8 Jan 2013, 1:31am

    Cal is right that perhaps a diversity officer is the wrong position for such a person. At the same time, she has the right to her opinion and as long as it doesn’t interfere with her duties, and as long as she is tolerant of those who disagree with her, she has the right to express her opinions in the proper manner like anybody else.

    1. midnighter 8 Jan 2013, 10:00am

      Which is exactly the issue that got her suspended in the first place. Her opinion which she expressed publicly is not consistent with the job she does, so she has lost the confidence of a great chunk of those she is supposed to represent and support.

  4. johnny33308 8 Jan 2013, 5:44am

    Sorry….don’t buy it. So there is a Diversity Officer who is NOT for Diversity….ummmm….not logical, and seems ridiculous in fact….not at all sensible…..only in ‘religious’ America is such a thing even possible….shameful…..

  5. I seem to recall that the petition she signed only asked for equal marriage to be put to the vote in Maryland. As it was, and passed, surely there’s no reason to dismiss her?

    I understand there are doubts about human rights being put to a public referendum, but asking for it shouldn’t be unlawful – or have I missed the point here?

    1. midnighter 8 Jan 2013, 10:01am

      The issue was her opinion as expressed publicly is not consistent with the role of a diversity officer. As it is she cannot be expected to have the confidence of a minority group she has acted against.

    2. Well, that is certainly the position that her right-wing support groups are taking. She has accused the university of bullying her. She is making public speeches about how hurt she is and how her family are devastated. She is seeking compensation. She has said not one word, as far as I can see, to counter accusations that she is anti equal marriage. She signed the petition at her CHURCH after an anti gay sermon.
      Unfortunately, despite her personal experience as a disabled black person and her position of trust and responsibility, she is just another bible-bashing bigot. The university were absolutely right to dismiss her. It is horrific and disgraceful that a woman like McCaskill holds this post.

      1. Yes, well, I get suspicious as soon as the churchgoing aspect becomes evident, which is why it’s a good thing I’m not a diversity officer!

    3. bobbleobble 8 Jan 2013, 10:49am

      The fact that it did pass is wonderful but at the time she signed the petition in the US every time gay marriage had been put to a vote it had lost. There was no reason at that point to suspect that any other result would come about in Maryland and polls at the time showed that it could potentially lose there as well. By signing the petition she almost certainly felt that gay marriage would be struck down at the ballot box.

      Given her position as diversity officer, a position that includes working with LGBT people, at the very least there is a conflict of interest in signing the petition. She didn’t need to do it, there were plenty of other signatures. She also hasn’t made clear what her position is, did she vote in favour or against? I wouldn’t have reinstated and were I a student at the university I would certainly have no confidence in her as diversity officer.

    4. I suppose the suspicion is that she might have issues with equality for LGBT people and thus that MAY (note I said ‘may’) have affected how she did her job either consciously or subconsciously.

      I also wonder how supportive she’d be about petitions asking, for example, whether deaf people should be allowed to marry, or whether black people should be allowed to work at universities, or whether women should be allowed to drive? If a white, hearing, male diversity officer had signed a petition like that, would this lady have been equally supportive of his right to do? Would she not have had any concerns?

      Surely a diversity officer shouldn’t have any issue with any minority? Has she explained why she signed this petition? Has she elaborated on her views? She has every right to sign the petition but it would make me wary about employing her as a diversity officer, at least until after I’d had a good chat with her about what she believed.

      1. I do think the university handled it badly, rather than suspending her it would have been better to have asked her for a for a clarification of her motives from the perspective of her position, thereby allowing her to hang herself.

        1. Gallaudet could have handled it better but under the circumstances her motives seem absolutely clear.

        2. Absolutely. They should have talked to her and found out why she signed it and what her views were, so they could decide whether her views were an issue in relation to her particular job. Everybody’s entitled to their views, but certain jobs demand certain things and her employers should simply have made sure her views didn’t affect her ability to do her job.

          It also occurred to me since I wrote my comment that there’s also the issue of trust. She has to be trusted to represent all the students and did her signing that petition in any way affect the LGBT students trust in her? It’d have been nice to know a bit more.

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