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Ugandan university loses UK accreditation over anti-gay legislation

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Reader comments

  1. Good on them, the more organizations that do this the sooner the Ugandan government will get the message that you cant compromise on human rights and expect to do business in the modern world.

  2. Let’s hope that other British universities who accredit universities in other African nations with appalling LGBT records will now also consider their positions.

    1. A fine sentiment, but you do realise that if every university in this country stopped accrediting universities in countries with poor human rights records, the entire UK HE system would collapse?

  3. Well done, University of Buckingham!

    (Now why is the “Reader Comments” page empty although the main page says there are 2 comments on this page? I cleaned out my cache yesterday. Is that the reason. I won’t be surprised if this message appears prefixed with some note from PinkNews about me needing to sign in.)

    1. Interesting! The two message before mine only appeared in this window once I had posted my own message.

      1. I often have to reload comment boxes, Eddy, to get an up-to-date version. They seem to revert from 6 comments to 3 at will and need refreshing to see the most recent comments.

  4. Jock S. Trap 8 Jan 2013, 3:32pm

    Good news. Good to see action of this kind starting against Uganda. More to come I hope as they need to be shown that their actions have consequences.

  5. Shame our governments aren’t as active.

  6. Well done University Of Buckingham

  7. Great. This is just the kind of action that could perhaps make a difference. Well done, University of Buckingham.

  8. As a past graduate of The University of Buckingham – Thank you for doing the right thing.

  9. Dave North 8 Jan 2013, 10:35pm

    Ignorant fools find consequences to their actions.

    All those degrees worth zilch on the international stage.

    F them. Tired of this crap.

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