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Tammy Baldwin: I want to find out if Chuck Hagel really has changed on gay rights

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  1. Christopher Hobe Morrison 8 Jan 2013, 2:12am

    I think she has the right idea. Talk to the guy and see if he is predjudiced in a way that will affect the Defense Department and his duties, and the gay people who work there. If they feel he is, they have to fight the nomination. If they feel he can get over his predjudice they can look at whether there are any other reasons to oppose him. If there aren’t they should not be joining the Republicans in fighting him. The Log Cabin Republicans have no right speaking out against him after the positions they took in the election.

  2. One a bigot is ALWAYS a bigot!

    Chuck Hagel is a complete bigoted asshole who lives in the closet himself!

    1. Really? How do you know that?

  3. It’s great having someone like Tammy working from the inside.

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