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Michigan: Judge dismisses lawsuit filed by HIV-positive dental worker

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Reader comments

  1. An entirely just decision! I do not want a person with HIV to wield a drill or other sharp implements in my mouth. And even if this individual was not a dentist, if knowledge of his status had become public, the dental practice would have collapsed, compromising the livelihood of several individuals. These consequences are unacceptable, and outweigh politically correct arguments based upon low risk of infection due to a controlled viral load; not perpetuating prejudice; etc, etc.

    1. Brett Gibson 8 Jan 2013, 10:05pm

      Newsflash you absolutely abominable person, you can’t get HIV from a person doing anything with your teeth, they wear gloves and tend not to have gaping wounds oozing out into your mouth. Have a little f***ing respect and compassion for people living with a sometimes life destroying disease. How would you feel if you contracted HIV and then saw a post like this. You need to grow up mate. Disgusting.

    2. Your comments really scare me – you obviously have no idea how HIV is transmitted, I suggest you get an education, particularly if you are sexually active.

      The year is 2013 not 1983 – clearly you are stuck in a time warp. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself making the above comments! That said they do say ignorance is bliss, only with HIV your obvious ignorance could cost you your life or the life of your sexual partners.

      Never mind worrying about the dentist having HIV – you need to look closer to home!

    3. Lisa, if I heard that a bigot like you were employed by a dental office, I’d switch my dental offices.

  2. Hmmm… yeah I kinda agree. I mean, I guess the judge would have been fair in the decision. But yeah, I wouldn’t want some poz guy poking around in my mouth.

    1. maybe you have had a “poz guy” poking around in your mouth – with his penis! You just don’t know it, maybe he didn’t know it?? As there are 8000 undiagnosed gay men with HIV in the UK I would say there is a reasonable chance you have been closer to HIV than you realise………….think on Mr & wise up!

      You need to get with the program & understand how HIV is transmitted!

  3. Brett Gibson 8 Jan 2013, 10:10pm

    Totally disgusted by both the above comments by people who clearly are either mentally deficient or who don’t seem to grasp under which conditions one can actually contract HIV. Dentists wear gloves. They make sure everything is 100% hygienic, They aren’t idiots. Christ this is like one step away from people back in the 80s not wanting to touch HIV positive people for fear of getting it. God man.

  4. I am appalled by the judges decision! and some of the comments made here.
    I lived with my partner who passed away in 1993 for seventeen years, the last 8 years of which he was HIV+! Twenty years later I am still negative. Such ignorance I thought was a thing of the past.

  5. So let me get this straight, dentists in california would rather their staff and patients were ignorant of their status, unmedicated and therefore more contagious, than be informed of their status, taking medication and have a much much lower risk of transmission?

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