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Chinese Court: Gay man who married a woman that committed suicide not to blame for her death

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Reader comments

  1. Well ,if those parents had brought their daughter up to be more tolerant and aware, this might not have happened.
    If she was really in love with him it’s a sad story but chances are it was all about honour.
    When society stops torturing Gay people these stories will be a thing of the past.

  2. As long as there are cultural and religious taboos about LGBT issues, there will always be sham marriages in which one unsuspecting spouse gets a rude shock and devastating news that his or her spouse is LGBT. This unfortunate deceit ruins lives, especially the lives of the kids involved.

  3. I enjoy reading Pink News, but honestly, it would serve you well to hire an editor to catch typos and errors in context, before posting these stories.

    1. I completely agree:

      – “busband” – now corrected
      – “lawsuite”
      – “The fraud claim was rejected by Ms Hongling’s parents” Really? Does this make sense? Didn’t the parents claim fraud and the claim was rejected by the court?

  4. de Villiers 9 Jan 2013, 1:16pm

    Perhaps if there was no religion in China, this would not have happened.

    1. In China religion isn’t really a major factor in most people’s lives when compared with other countries, the communist part makes sure of that. It’s more about family pressures and the culture of extending the family I.e having children, as well as the fact that homosexuality is still a topic that isn’t really talked about.

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