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African American college of Martin Luther King launches LGBT course

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  1. Alveda King was a teenager when he died. His wife knew him infinitely better than some snot-nosed brat. Now? She capitalises on the family name – the name of a noble man. Despicable, contemptible and lying.

  2. It’s a lovely thought that Dr King would have supported our rights. What’s with that niece to speak out against us? It certainly isn’t in the spirit of what King stood for, whatever her (no doubt God-bothering) beliefs are.

    1. Hate for hire. I believe that she is a paid mouthpiece for the Catholic church and a rabid “pro-lifer” as well. Someone like King, you scratch away at the surface and the rancid stink of religion will soon be apparent.

      1. The sooner the world understands that religion is the curse of mankind the better off all will be

        We can save an enormous amount of fuel by shredding all the bibles and burning them for electricity, steam etc

      2. here is another example of the monstrosity of Rome re the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda

        Note the reference to the church and hitler which shows in this website also

  3. BTW the % of gays in the populattion is dependent on how many are out of the closet. In Iceland where there is no closet about9% admit to being gay

    similar numbers in Sweden and Denmark. Note these are all very liberal – progressive countries where relgion is fortunately minimal and thier evangelical Lutherans – good people do gay marriage ceremonies (priests have the right to do or not od as they wish but about 2/3 to 3/4 of them will do tthe ceremonies

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