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Video: Chick-Fil-A gives pranksters a free chicken burger for renouncing their homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Chrissy Egg 7 Jan 2013, 7:06pm

    They have every right to oppose gay marriage if they want to – no probs there .. free speech and all that bollox .
    What I have a problem with is the donations to anti-gay groups . That’s YOUR chicken money they’re spending ! How very dare they !
    I am adding another exclamation point for effect !!

    1. Get your chicken elsewhere people!

      This is biblical fast food.

      1. I thought manna was the Biblical fast food? :-)

        (Somehow I can’t imagine the Patriarch Jacob chomping on a Chick-Fil-A [not least because of its stupid spelling].)

    2. So what it becomes their money after you eat their chicken sandwich. They support what they believe in gay people do it all the time.

      1. “They support what they believe in gay people do it all the time.”

        To support bigotry is hardly commendable, and hardly best business practice.

    3. no, no it’s not “my money” they are spending.
      because I don’t SPEND my money with companies that want to take away human rights from minorities.

      if YOU spend money there, if their chicken is paid-for with YOUR dollars, then YOU have a serious problem, then YOU are the one giving them fuel to light the bonfire on which they want to burn all gay people.

  2. That One Chick 7 Jan 2013, 7:27pm

    I intend to be married to my first wife, too. Does that count? Haha. :) Cute.

  3. This is hilarious. What larks!

  4. How many times can you use the word “family” in a public statement? Dan Cathy accepts the challenge.

  5. GOOD,GOOD for you chick fil a for sticking with your beliefs.

    1. You should learn to write.

      And how pathetic are you for trolling a gay site with this crap. Grow up.

    2. Jock S. Trap 8 Jan 2013, 12:47pm

      LOL – Always good to see how Thick these bigots really are!!

  6. Lion in Winter 8 Jan 2013, 1:53am

    P.T. Barnum would be proud of those two!!

    (There`s a sucker born every minute!)

  7. Darren Theoret 8 Jan 2013, 10:55am

    When people rant about how G-dly they are, it reminds me of the Bible story of the Pharasee praying in the temple thanking G-d he wasn’t a miserable sinner like his neighbours. It says G-d dispises those prayers. Sorry Mr. Cathy!

  8. Jock S. Trap 8 Jan 2013, 12:15pm

    LOL – thought that was hilarous!!

    That the people accepted this too!!


    Loved the spoof though!

    1. It just goes to show what the workers think Management is capable of.

  9. It’s so bizarre that the CEO places such emphasis on his team still being married to their first wives, given that the central character in his guidebook was an unmarried mother.

    In fairness, I suppose all those chaps in Part One of the guidebook did remain married to their first wives even after taking their second or, in the case of King David, seventh additional wives.

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