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UK: Transgender doctor under investigation by the General Medical Council

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Reader comments

  1. Richard is a great guy and a consummate professional. He’s helped many people transition and go on to lead healthy successful lives, myself included. I dread to think what would have happened if he hadn’t been practising and I am very grateful to him.

    I wonder if the complaints have been encouraged by charring cross (similarly to as is suspected by some people to have happened to Russell Reid)? Also can it be a simple co-incidence that some of the practitioners at CX have recently set up their own private trans clinic? They’d have a vested interest in getting him to stop practising to drive patients to their own practices.

  2. Disturbing story. If guidelines have been breached he will be in big trouble. They are there for the doctor’s protection too.

  3. DJ Sheepisheep 7 Jan 2013, 7:38pm

    It’s the Charing Cross mafia at it again. They won’t be happy until all trans patients are equally unhappy and frustrated by their high handed approach. And I bet their waiting lists are really long. It’s only the private doctors (and the costs are not that high considering what’s at stake) that keep trans patients sane.

    1. So, basically you are calling the patients who have complained liars, without full access to the evidence. Classy.

  4. ChrissieB 7 Jan 2013, 7:45pm

    He stuck to the letter of the SoC with me.

    The problem seems to be at least one person, who had second thoughts and wanted someone else to blame, has complained (shades of Dr Reid) and the fact that Dr Curtis does not follow the over-strict NHS code for prescribing hormones. But then he does not have to. He follows the SoC.

    And yes, one does the impression that the NHS, and more specifically a few of the people at CX, are behind this. It’s not coincidence.


    1. I thought certain psychs at cx had slowed down with the mallace after Dr. Reid had moved on. Sadly, the old wars have carried on :(.

      1. Dr Curtis and his team are totally trustworthy. This is a rehash witch hunt by the Telegraph an its anti-trans agenda hacks worthy of a complaint to the Press CA.
        Dr Curtis followed the protocols because the GMC were breathing down his neck since November 2011. But he shows COMPASSION to the patient. I have been waiting for my first consultation to Charing Cross since May last year and that follows a 9 month wait from my PCT for funding. No wonder we go privately and this guy is a life line.

      2. You’d think doctors would work together for the Hypocratic oath? Insdtead they fight like cats and dogs in a turf war over the control over the Cross Gender Medical Empire.
        Charing Cross has a vendetta that is persistent and remorseless and we are caught in the cross-fire.

  5. This woman needs to be struck off before more people are mutilated .

  6. This is messed up! Mr. Curtis was the only doctor that agreed to help me, considering that I was coming from a country where it’s legally impossible to transition (even though I’ve already went through about a year of therapy). He is a wonderful person and a true professional! I was stunned when I saw this article.

  7. Telegraph is simple character-assassination, reminding trans people that after they die – especially if they are murdered – their old names and personal details will be splashed all over the press.

    The logic of the Telegraph, and the tone of this Pink News piece is that it is worth the lives of an infinite number of trans people to prevent one cis person from accessing unsuitable treatment. Vile logic.

    Why should people be able to sexually do what they please and live with the consequences, but the moment one modifies one’s own body in a way related to gender it’s all of society’s business to police you?

  8. I attended an appointment with Mr Richard Curtis in London, on Wimpole Street and he told me in no uncertain terms, that I must NOT rush my transition. That I must take my time because I may regret my actions in five years time. He also told me that it would be premature to have breast augmentation and that I should wait three years. In my expereince, Richard Curtis was and is a true professional, who would not mislead anyone. On the contrary he would more than likely try to deter one from makinng rash decisions 2

  9. I am saddened by this article, not just by the content and what is happening to Dr Curtis, but also by the way it has been so poorly represented by a news team who I thought would be a little more sympathetic and would maybe check facts before publishing. The first sentence is incorrect at least 2 ways – he is not Britain’s first trans doctor and what is meant by ‘post op’? What op and how do you know what surgery Dr Curtis has undergone? Also, in what way is his gender identity relevant to his professional practice? Please, don’t be so lazy and check your facts, rather than joining in with the transphobia we often see (and expect) in other media.

  10. postopgirl 8 Jan 2013, 8:20pm

    Dr Curtis is friendly, affective in his job, has an accomadating nature, and if he was struck off, because of a regretter complaint, that’s not his fault, but the patient’s, he’d be a massive loss due to a lack of private specialists in this country, many use his service, so I for one hope he wins his case.

    Russell Reid indeed had the same type of complaintees, if you don’t want GRS treatment, don’t request it.

  11. These are the exact same things that Russell Reid was accused of, and this stinks to high heaven.

    The guidelines he’s supposed to have breached, are just that GUIDELINES, and they we’re written for America, where the norm is weekly or monthly counseling sessions, yet you’re lucky if you see someone for 30 minutes every 5 months at Charring Cross.

  12. “post-operative transgender doctor” – seriously?! Since when has it ever been acceptable to so casually mention someone’s medical history when it has no relevance to the story?

  13. Personally haven’t had much bad experience with Charing Cross, but I’m sure Dr Curtis is a capable and responsible doctor.
    Is this just from the Telegraph?

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