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Radio DJ sanctioned for saying The Wanted star was ‘gay’ to fear polka dots

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent! It is precisely ‘throw away’ comments like this that encourage playground bullies to use the word ‘gay’ as an insult. The more that perpetrators of thus unnaceptable language are publicly censured, the kinder society will become.

  2. Sounds like she was let off the hook. A racial slur would have led to her being fired. This was a disgraceful incident. Completely gratuitous use of an insult. Unjustified by context. Just bullying.
    BTW, if you want to make your feelings known you can contact her at

    1. “Are you … black or something?”

      Yes, you’re quite right, she’d have been history in minutes.

  3. GingerlyColors 7 Jan 2013, 12:28pm

    Chelsea Norris is not Wanted

  4. How can you be scarred of polka dots?

    1. You could fall against a polka dot radiator, that would leave you with polka dot scars.

    2. Cardinal Fang 7 Jan 2013, 2:15pm

      Or even scared.

  5. George Forth 7 Jan 2013, 1:05pm

    The reasons it *may* cause offence?

    That negates the whole apology but not appreciating that offence has been caused. It’s about time these carefully worded non-apologies were thrown back in their faces.

    1. fauxtronic 18 Mar 2013, 5:30pm

      Did she apologise to anybody but Ofcom?

  6. What was ‘homophobic’ about this comments? Nothing. How pathetic.

    1. “I’m scared of books”, “what are you black?” Or, “I’m scared of not being incredibly wealthy and powerful”, “what, are you a Jew?” Stupid bigoted stereotypes which are perpetuated by bullies, like the presenter on the radio station.

    2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2013, 2:20pm

      This is about setting ‘negative stereotypes’, a reason, an excuse to bully other due to negative stereotyping.

      Are you saying you support bullying Matthew? Oops sorry silly me, of course you do, that why you come here isn’t it?!!

    3. I’d be vaguely interested to hear Matthew’s idea of what homophobia is – if he believes it exists. Gay is not a homophobic word but the use of it in this case is homophobic and made more so because it was spoken by a broadcaster.

  7. Can we have a picture of the thick bigot who said this rather than the boyband member?

    1. Cardinal Fang 7 Jan 2013, 2:17pm

      Why? I’m sure he’s cuter.

    2. Here she is, I believe:

      I’m shocked. I’d assumed she was a very young adult who’d recently left school and that her remark had slipped out from habit (not that that makes it OK). But she seems old enough to have known better.

      I hope she’s realised that what she said wasn’t acceptable and never uses such an insult again.

      General comment now: I’ve noticed that some presenters seem to think it makes them look cool and one of the ‘yoof’ to use gay as an insult. No, it doesn’t – it just makes you look immature and offensive and sad.

  8. What was her punishment?

  9. Brett Gibson 7 Jan 2013, 2:58pm

    Another classic example of homophobia being taken less seriously as racism. YET. again. In all fairness there will come a day when people like this WILL get fired for blurting out such remarks and homophobia WILL be taken seriously. Sadly that day is not today.

    1. Cardinal Fang 7 Jan 2013, 3:07pm

      There was a time when alleging racism was seen as “politically correct nonsense”, it takes time for attitudes to change, and they will.

      I’m sure this woman realises now how stupid her comment was, and how embarrassing if the singer really had been gay. Firing her for one incident would be totally unfair dismissal.

      1. I’m afraid I can’t agree. That comment feel right of her lips. Clearly, this is the kind of thing she is used to saying and says an awful lot about her as a person. She can be a homophobic arsehole in her own private life if she likes, but should learn to keep her slurs under wraps while engaging in her professional life (which just so happens to be broadcasting to the general public!)

        1. I have to agree with cardinal been listening to the show for 7 years and I’ve never once felt insulted or discriminated by any of the presenters. I I’m more embarrassed by the over sensitivity of our community on such simple mistakes that we all make in our lives. I never thought view home phobia purely on what is said but the intent behind it. Was it said that maliciously, God no.

          1. Sorry meant bret

  10. Samuel B. 7 Jan 2013, 3:10pm

    Let me state for the record that I absolutely ADORE polka dots of all shapes, colours, sizes and creeds.

    So there!

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