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Former Archbishop of Glasgow: Same-sex marriage is ‘morally defective’

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Reader comments

  1. *yawn*

    Don’t those pesky priests go on and on and on and on and on and on and on….?

  2. The Catholic Church is morally defective.

    Nice frock too, that nice pink is really working for you Archbish!

  3. This shouldn’t be surprising. They have a centuries old tradition of opposing social and scientific progress. Imagine what life and society would be like if they had always got their way?

    1. Joseph oz 8 Feb 2013, 1:41pm

      For starters…
      No one would have the inter net, most of us wouldn’t be able to read nor write, those of us over the age of 40 would probably be dead and we’d be living in constant fear of the natural world… etc, etc, etc.

  4. Garry Cassell 7 Jan 2013, 4:39pm

    I would think that men(priest) wearing dresses 24/7 would be considered defective too in our society…but u don’t have an issue with that…of course there’s the issue of all the priest who molest and rape little boys around the world…wouldn’t that seem defective…

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jan 2013, 4:41pm

      Not just boys, but its girls they rape too. A lot of people, particularly straight bigots refuse to acknowledge it.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jan 2013, 4:42pm

    I do wish the Unitarians, Quakers, LIberal and Reformed Judaism would speak out against the roman cult as well as the CoE. I wonder why they don’t?

    1. duh. they all have one same evil in common : religion!
      look no further.

  6. Sorry Pink News… do we have to hear about every single cranky clergyman with a backwards opinion on gay marriage. We know these people are against us, it’s depressing and demoralising to write about every one, not to mention giving them the airtime and attention they crave. Let’s focus on the positive in the fight for equal marriage and find a way forward without focusing on the haters.

  7. For 55 years (since I was old enough to understand) I’ve had men in frocks commenting on my morals without one of them having met me. I call it impertinent.

  8. Sorry Bish but you can’t really claim the moral high ground when you protect paedophile priests from prosecution by just moving them on so they can rape more children in Catholic care homes.

  9. from a man wearing a frock and wears funny hats

  10. what about all the kids you have raped ….priorities Cardinal !!!

  11. I’m afraid the only adult with an imaginary friend I can tolerate is Jimmy Stewart.

  12. He’s the morally defective one.

    What’s he going to suggest next?
    Return to manufacturer?
    Same back to him.

  13. malcanoid 7 Jan 2013, 4:53pm

    Isn’t this just full of the arrogance of the Roman Catholic Church? They are in communion with God so should telling the state what to do on questions of morals. They got away with it for a time in the Republic of Ireland, thinking they were above the civil law and what a cess pit of child abuse they created and defended! Conti is just a man and our opinions are as valid as his. Thankfully his flock generally have more sense than to swallow this twaddle.

  14. Jason Feather 7 Jan 2013, 4:55pm

    Blah blah blah that’s all I hear from the Catholic Church now, the whine of an out of touch organisation that know they are on the wrong side of history & will loose this battle opposing equality

  15. can he be just a little more specific about what he means by “morally defective”? his comments show these god-frauds and their asinine religion just how outdated they are. society has moved on and on; and their dreadful, hateful book no longer reflects anything that is great or good in society; tell me, who is exactly “morally defective” again?

  16. I only see something that’s logically defective, and that is that the Church thinks its task is to promote the moral well being of society. Given its recent history, that’s quite an exercise in denial. All we see of the Catholic church is its desperate attempt to regain some of its declining political influence.

  17. Get a real job, Ms. Archbishop.

  18. Bloody Hell. They’re on a rota.
    Pretty silly to use the immorality argument to people (like Cameron etc) who don’t think it’s immoral.

  19. That There Other David 7 Jan 2013, 5:08pm

    Yes dear, we get it. You have to parrot what your overlords in St. Peter’s tell you to say.

    Now run along. Nobody cares for them nor that brand of “moral guidance” they pretend to promote. There’s been too many rapes, too much abuse, and too many financial scandals for that line to remain effective.

    Charlatans one and all.

  20. How many people did the RCC either kill or indirectly cause to be killed? How many were raped or otherwise abused? How much food do they take out of the mouths of children in developing nations by demanding no contraception an handing round the collection plate?

    They need to slink off and shut their hole before more people step up, like the boy in the Emperor’s New Clothes, and point out how utterly bloody rancid their appeal to what is “moral” actually is.

  21. the Catholic Church’s opposition must “surely be worthy of consideration” given its task to “promote the moral well being of society”.

    What about the moral well being of the children that have been abused over the years?

    to render moral what is in itself morally defective.”

    Yet again, look to your own house and it’s faults first before criticizing something else.

    1. the Catholic Church’s opposition must “surely be worthy of consideration” given its task to “promote the moral well being of society”. Can anyone recall which elected body appointed them to carry out this task? Any cult, no matter how weird, could say exactly the same thing?

      Who gave them this “task”? Could it be that they have just taken it upon themselves to inflict their beliefs on society?

  22. vatican city should back out of UK politics.

  23. Robert (Kettering) 7 Jan 2013, 5:56pm

    I had to laugh! The Catholic Church, “Promot[ing] the moral well being of society”! WHAT! Did I read that right?

    Coming from a Church that has recently protected the most immoral Priests in our society, namely kiddy fiddlers, I do think the RCs have little credibility when it comes to morals!

    How I loath and detest Rome and all it stands for.

  24. Keith Francis Farrell 7 Jan 2013, 6:14pm

    what a hateful man. to even suggest that there is something wrong with us. The main problem with the Catholic church is tht they have never forgiven the UK for starting their own church. They are still trying to get control of the people. I think this church needs to learn, It also needs to pay taxes

  25. Perhaps we could move to a system whereby Pink News just has a running list of religious bigots in one corner, and adds a new name and date when one of them says something homophobic in public. They’re all exactly the same anyway – why do we need to bother with a whole new story each time one of them opens his stupid mouth?

    “News” is, by definition, new. Stuff that hasn’t happened before. There are few things less surprising and original in human affairs than the pompous witterings of self-important blow-hard delusionals in fancy dresses.

  26. Har Davids 7 Jan 2013, 6:39pm

    Defective, threat to mankind, threat to ‘real’ marriage, not human and so on! These guys are running out of steam, using the same old stories over and over again. Don’t they know all their bovine excrement is all over the internet, and just everybody knows they’re against gay marriage.

  27. Yes moral upholding people love how you skip over covering child abuse and your nasty evil scheming ways makes me sick to have to share air with those disgusting freaks! cant they go back to the dark ages and let us get on with things?

  28. Eddie Clarke 7 Jan 2013, 7:30pm

    Mgr Conti is the EX- Archbishop of Glasgow, but seems determined to aid the equality cause by continuing his inept interventions. His successor is just as bad, and so just as helpful at getting up politicians noses and putting off the general public

  29. Grenville Smith 7 Jan 2013, 7:31pm

    Well another foolish cleric joins the homophobic rhetoric that comes from the church.
    When I was playing with my grandchildren yesterday I said to their Fathers’, you are truly blessed by God to have such lovely babies.
    Their Fathers’ will bring them up in a loving environment and hopefully they will not be corrupted by the ‘ungodly’ attitude and current teachings of the church.You see, I still believe in God and that I have no faith in the leadership of the church. RIP the church.

  30. Aron Doherty 7 Jan 2013, 8:09pm

    As a VERY happily married gay man living in the real world I say “you have no power here, now be gone before someone drops a house on you!”

  31. Considering there are only a few million practising Catholics in the UK and marriages in Catholic churches account for only 3% of the total number of marriages in the UK does the media really have to pay so much attention to the Catholic bishops etc..

    Afterall their message is always the same and it’s getting a little bit boring now….

    Can PN perhaps investigate the 60 or so Catholic MPs in parliament and ask them what they think of equal marriage? Afterall they are the ones voting and representing us not the Catholic church.

  32. Raping children is morally defective, Archbishop

    1. As is trying to cover up the evidence.

  33. Extraordinary to think these hate-mongers thought their threat to close down Catholic adoption agencies would somehow disadvantage children….The Catholic hierarchy has made more homophobic pronouncements than ever UKIP did, and if UKIP members are considered to be unsuited as foster or adoptive-parents, why on earth should Catholics?

  34. The Catholic Church also considers re-marriage after divorce morally defective, so I think we can interpret this statement as a call for a ban on second marriages. Good luck with that one!

  35. What is ‘morally defective’ is raping children and then trying to cover it up. The hypocrisy of this lot is stomach turning.

  36. P.S. the Catholic Church considers contraception morally defective so I presume we can interpret this as a call for a Scottish Government ban on the Pill and the condom, in spite of the >90% of straight people who use them.

  37. The Catholic religion is morally defective.

    Please justify why you see fit to abuse children in your care and ramble on about predictions that same sex unions will bring. Same sex unions will NOT bring about the end of the world, nor more earthquakes or tsunami, nor even plagues of locusts. Its just a load of hypothetical rambling. Something which religion always bandies on about when its corner is invaded. Same sex unions WILL bring about more love and happy people, something which this country desperately needs to get us out of the financial turmoil. Something else which gay guys have been blamed for. Which again is not true.

    YOU are morally defective, because YOU are unable to accept change. Equal marriage is coming and you are only making a noise about it because less people are choosing to become a believer in the bullsh|t that you trot out.

  38. Oh goodness me.

    If you have all the senior clergy an enema, they could hold the next conclave in a shoebox.

  39. “As we know, Marriage matters and ever since the dawn of human history, is a union for life and love between a man and a woman. It is a complementary relationship between two people of the opposite sex, the man and the woman not being the same, but different. They are not, in other words, absolutely equal but relatively equal. This is why gay couples, two men or two women, are not being ‘excluded’ from marriage; they simply CANNOT enter marriage”
    Bishop Campbell

    About the best argument against distorting marriage.Sadly the people on here are intellectually incapable of debate.

    1. “Marriage , if you do not regard it as a sacrament as no doubt it ought to be regarded – was nothing more than a token that a couple intended to stick to stick to each other. Nowadays people – the right people – bothered precious little about anything but that”.
      Ford Maddox Ford “Parades End”

    2. ‘The dawn of human history’?

      This fool seems unaware of the parameters of marriage even as related in the Old Testament.

      Still, when they resort to gender definitions to try and justify opposition to equal marriage we know they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    3. Intellectually incapable of debate? No, you are incapable of listening and coming to an understanding. Why is is SO important for you to preserve what you see as the definition of marriage; between a man and a woman? Why is this so important? When you are gone and all the others who listen to this cr@p are also gone, people will wonder WTF the issue was about. If two guys want to marry, let them. If two women want to marry, let them. Whats the big deal eh? Is is going to affect YOU is some same sex couple 3,000 miles away get married? How will that affect you? Your marriage does not affect me, so why should mine affect yours?

      The definition of marriage is being redefined. The dictionary also gets refined over time. I suggest you read a dictionary and look up ‘redefine’.

    4. Homophobic and mysoginistic too by saying that women are worth less then men and need a man to make them worthy.

  40. And what did Mr Conti do about the paedophile priests that are throughout the catholic church? how many did he see moved from diocese to diocese, country to country? How many of these priests did he report to the police for investigation. I really wish that journalists would ask these questions when the ranked catholic priests make statements on morality.

    1. spookiewon 20 Feb 2013, 3:54pm

      Of course, the difference is consent. Children do not have the ability to consent, especially to an adult, who in our society holds every last drop of the power in an adult/child relationship. In contrast, two adults of the same gender are equals in a relationship. If the difference isn’t obvious, then I’m not comfortable with you being around children.

  41. Same old sh1te. Same old assh0le.

  42. Jock S. Trap 9 Jan 2013, 12:18pm

    It’s time these people remembered that in the UK it is elected governments that make the laws not religions!

  43. I think that allowing yourself to get that fat is morally defective, don’t see me bitching about it to all the newspapers that fat people want to be treated fairly too.

  44. Many of the above views are worthy of Der Stürmer (the Anti-Catholic Pink News of it’s day):

  45. I think the former Archbishop should be more concerned about that huge fat gut he’s caring around and mind his own business , lets talk about all the catholic pedophile priests the pope is hiding in the vatican

  46. spookiewon 20 Feb 2013, 3:50pm

    As it happens, Archbishop, many of us who are not catholic find catholicism “morally defective.” Does that mean it should be illegal?

    1. There are laws against vilification therefore they are breaking the law!

  47. A lot of Christians including the Roman ones are the basis of HOMOPHOBIA!!!

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