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Reports: Azealia Banks loses record deal for saying Perez Hilton is a fag who should kill himself

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Reader comments

  1. Well pardon me for gloating!

  2. Rap “Star”.
    Terrible discussion skills.
    Terrible spelling skills.
    Uses minority-orientated slurs while being a black person.

    What a charming imbecile.

    1. And with any luck, soon to be….

      Broke with Expensive Taste.

  3. Robert (Kettering) 6 Jan 2013, 6:36pm

    Great news! If you’re going to be offensive my dear then there are consequences remember that Ms Banks.

  4. I don’t think it is Perez Hilton who is the one who should commit suicide.

  5. OK, I first sided with Azealia here, I am a fan of hers. And I can’t stand Perez Hilton. Just read his hypocritical statement to Azealia: “Some of your music is cute, but your attention-seeking ways are pathetic and hurtful. You drag while others choose to uplift!” Um, Perez, what exactly did you used to do? How did you start your “career” off? By putting others down and creating rumours! But upon reflection, I don’t agree with Azealia at all. Her defense of “f*ggot” is ridiculous. What’s wrong with a man behaving like a female? That implies there is something wrong with being female! It’s such a shame that rap culture is still homophobic and sexist at its core… apparently even female rappers are sexists towards their own now. If Perez Hilton retorted and called her a “n*gger”, it would be interesting to see what her reaction would be. I doubt very much she would appreciate that.

    1. Damn my fat fingers on my mobile phone. I hit “report” instead of “thumbs up” to your comment. Sorry. Interface should have a revision.

  6. Oh, look. Consequences. It seems that perhaps her record company doesn’t want to be associated with hate and bigotry. Hope the story is true and her UK label follows suit.

  7. Idiots arguing

  8. If Interscope does actually drop her because of her disgraceful outburst I will be surprised but impressed.

  9. Christopher Hobe Morrison 6 Jan 2013, 10:52pm

    I guess if you make homophobic statements you can just redefine all the language you use so that it isn’t insulting, and then accuse all the people who attacked your statement of being bigoted.

  10. I checked out her records since hearing this story and she is not untalented musically, but she really brought this on herself and doesn’t seem in the least bit sorry for her actions. Sadly another label will probably pick her up (that is to say that this is not all rumours), given how much money she makes and how she has legions of fan drones ready to defend her.

    Shame nobody punishes Chris Brown in the same way for doing far worse. There again, given his only gay fan is Peter Tatchell, he has less to lose. Only deranged 16 year old girls.

  11. Who the fuck even is she?

  12. All very well, but how would you describe Perez Hilton?

    1. Igor Pacehemski 7 Jan 2013, 12:56am

      I am gay and I share the sentiment. The girl’s got talent, Perez is a miserable little cunt I wouldn’t piss on if he were on fire. He has NOTHING going for him…Why should we support some mediocre/failiure fag just cause we share a sexuality? All for Azalea on this this one xxx

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Jan 2013, 2:41pm

        Okay then to pick and choose who we tolerate homophobic slurs from then I guess in your book is it?

      2. Spanner1960 7 Jan 2013, 5:30pm

        She’s got a talent at insulting minorities.

  13. Brett Gibson 7 Jan 2013, 12:16am

    F**king good. It’s about f**king time homophobia was taken as seriously as racism. In this case it has been. Could you imagine Perez Hilton calling her a n**ger? I love her music, and I’m almost positive after looking at her twitter that she has gay friends blah blah. But at the end of the day there are teens in the US and all over the world who KILL themselves over words like faggot. She’s clearly a complete and utter d**khead because she was even sexist in what she said. A slave to the patriarchal America she lives in today. F**king fool.

  14. Everybody knows it is the anti-gay Christians like NOM The National Organization for Marriage who are using the blacks and Hispanics to make trouble for LGBT people. These anti-gay Christian hate groups use minorities to turn against other minorities so the anti-gay Christians can keep control over people and their money.

  15. Good Riddence what comes around goes around Azealia is just getting what she deserves.

    I hope Perez Hilton sues her for such hateful remarks Banks made.

    1. Where would Hilton be if not for the publicity he helps to create for himself? He’s no more a worthwhile public figure than she is.

  16. she didnt get dropped she & interscope spoke out about it today. #BYElosers

    1. Thanks for signing the message Elosers :-)

  17. For one this is article is very badly written. Secondly, I may not agree with Azealia using the term faggot so easily but I haven’t met another homosexual or Lesbian who hasn’t called anyone a faggot before. And Azealia is bisexual – so we know she’s not homophobic.

    Perez started this feud by taking Angel Haze’s side during a argument with Azealia previously – In Haze’s diss track she states along the lines of ‘I’m usually anti suicide but kill yourself’ towards Azealia and Perez never said anything about that, So Azealia saying the same thing to Perez is no different and therefore is nothing, Haze wasn’t slated for it, why Banks? I think Perez is using this incident to try and show that he’s remorseful for calling Will.I.Am a fag (and being punched for it) and then making a video trying to get everyone against The Black Eyed Peas, when he was in the wrong!! He messaged Jake Shears And GLAAD on twitter saying look as Azealias tweets, He Blew this way out of proportion!!

    1. Conclusion – She was right… Perez is a messy faggot!

    2. The fact that she is bisexual really is irrelevant, the term faggot is derogatory and she knew that it would inflame the kind of responses that it did so should have came as no surprise to her.

      She was also telling him to go kill himself, why would you do that? She really is not clever.

      1. Perhaps she wanted to be derogatory & hateful. Life isn’t all sugar & spice, and lets face it, Perez Hilton is a low-life piece of shit. Which person do you know hasn’t cursed someone they despise? Bunch of hypocrites, everyone does it & we use whatever foul language comes handy.
        I truly hate the mealy-mouthed language police. When you’re angry, you say whatever springs to mind. Certainly the posters using this forum always do, often the foulest abuse complete fucking hypocritical cunts.

    3. I haven’t met another homosexual or Lesbian who hasn’t called anyone a faggot before

      Haven’t you? I have. Nor have I myself ever called anyone a ‘faggot’.

    4. So Azealia was angry because Angel Haze said something stupid and Perez Hilton didn’t correct or criticise her – and then Azealia repeats the same stupid comment!! So doubly stupid then.

      I’m no fan of Perez Hilton but infantile arguments on Twitter (“No, YOU are!” etc etc) are pathetic. Whoever started it, Azealia should have known better to have repeated such a stupid ‘kill yourself’ comment then, astoundingly, added to the insult by using a derogatory term, then trying to excuse it. Grow up! It’s like being in a school playground.

    5. Your logic is flawed. The sad truth is, anyone can be homophobic, even if they themselves are bisexual or indeed homosexual. The problem is they just don’t realise it. People today are increasingly quick to excuse and explain away their prejudices as something innocent and justified and others are increasingly wary of calling them out on it. Such is the insidious nature of homophobia and all prejudice.

  18. Maybe she should rename her album
    “Stupid Sow with Big Mouth”
    … if she ever manages to get it released.

    1. So, it’s ok for you to call a woman a sow but not for a woman to call a big, tallentless queen a faggot? The hypocrisy is astonishing.
      Sometimes I think that Pink News has the most reactive and plain dumb posters of any message board.

      1. That you apparently don’t consider “faggot” offensive absolutely confirms your assertion. Well done.

        1. Where exactly do I say it isn’t offensive? I simply say it is hypocritical to condemn someone who uses it & then use a mysoginist slur against them. That you nor the numbskulls who marked down my post can understand this simple pint only proves that my judgement about a great deal of the people who post here is correct – a bunch of idiots.

  19. On the surface, a positive gesture by Interscope. The reality: Interscope will probably release her album later under a subsidiary so not tarnish the main brand.

    Despite the controversy, the record company won’t be willing to lose fresh talent to another label this early in her career.

  20. In the immortal words of Nelson (The Simpsons, one) “Ha-ha!”.

  21. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2013, 11:46am

    Excellent if true. People like this should not have a place in reach of the media. She doesn’t deserve success.

    It is also time the BBC removed her from their list of ‘Sounds of 2012 Awards’ and replaced her with someone more suited. Failure to do so would give the BBC even less credibilty after current and recent events.

  22. If this is true, Interscope deserve a medal. It never ceases to amaze me how short are the memories of people from racial minorities. It’s not fifty years since African American had to sit in separate parts of busses and were regularly verbally and physically abused for the colour of their skin.

  23. LOL! , instant karma. For those philistines who are told banks has talent, they need to continue scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with something less offensive on the ears.

  24. I will look out for her album, titled, ‘Reduced for Quick Sale’ & choose not to buy it.

  25. I actually liked her music 212and Liquorice are really good songs. But after all this I don’t think I can even listen to them . Radio1 extra and Radio1 currently use clips of her 212 song to advertise 1extra ….thought they’d have quickly changed it by now

  26. So what he called her bisexual. Nobody said anything about that and like she said no body had a problem with her saying the N word. Wow for real. People have different beliefs and everyone don’t believe in that she has her right to her own opinion

  27. Interesting Interscope dumps her….yet how many rap albums are on the label that uses that word like ‘and’ and ‘the’. Does this mean Interscope is going to change it’s music policy as well or is this different to the liberal use in songs?


  29. Perez Hilton has nothing to offer the world, gay/queer or otherwise, and we wouldn’t miss anything if he disappeared from his own self-fabricated publicity. That aside, who even is she or, more accurately, was she, this “rap star”? Can’t imagine the world of music will be any the less for her slink back to obscurity.

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