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Francoise Hollande supports education minister on Catholic school equal marriage row

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Reader comments

  1. Are the French afraid of the Catholic Church? Or the students why shouldn’t students debate this subject? Is it encase they disagree and back same sex marriage and adoption rights

    1. Do you think the Catholic church will provide neutral information with which students can form their opinions on marriages between same sex couples? Will the Catholic Church, by itself, respect the principle that everyone has the right to a neutral and free thought. Or will it need to be made to do so?

      “We must never forget that we are dealing with young people and that attempted suicides are five times higher among teenagers who realise they are homosexual than others.”

      1. Rhoderick Gates 7 Jan 2013, 12:41am

        Plus they can debate the issue in their debate society. Minors don’t have the vote, so why bring the issue up in the classroom to minors?

  2. “everyone has the right to a neutral and free thought”.
    Good luck with that. Catholicism does not encourage free thought. If they did they would have no members.

  3. The Catholic Chuch doesn´t promote an honest exchange of thoughts. You must accept its teaching without discussion. Children are being indoctrinated with the help of propaganda.

  4. It’s François Hollande. “Françoise” would be a female name…

    1. His ex partner Segolene Royal who ran for president in 2007 and in the primaries in 2011 has more guts.

  5. Because it’s so controversial in a democracy for a minister to demand Catholic schools actually do their jobs and not shove their political crap down children’s throats.

    1. Nobody is asking you to send your children to a catholic school. They are entitled to their beliefs, live and let live is the motto. Are are you intolerant of others beliefs? Perhaps your hate speech should be reported.

      1. More importantly, nobody is asking kids whether they want to be sent to religious schools and have harmful political and religious propaganda shoved down their throats. Most people would be horrified at the idea of sending children to a school with a curriculum controlled by a political party, a pressure group, a multinational, or a trade union – why is a religion, especially one like the Catholic church, which promotes ideas that are demonstrably false and harmful (like their nonsense about condoms) more acceptable?

      2. And nobody asked me if I want to subsidise parochial schools. They must be prevented from doing what they did here. Forcing 11 year olds to swallow and regurgitate their Roman propaganda.

  6. Cardinal Fang 7 Jan 2013, 12:12pm

    I wonder if they will be getting all the schoolchildren to send postcards to the government.

    I seem to remember there was a similar scandal over here. Sounds like they have a template for tactics to whip up “opposition to equal marriage” but it often seems to translate into overt and crude homophobia.

  7. Brett Gibson 7 Jan 2013, 12:43pm

    Why won’t you accept my comment when I comment on your spelling errors? Francois’e’ is a girls name. Sort it out.

  8. ptit suisse 7 Jan 2013, 1:18pm

    Francois…un garcon
    Françoise…une fille
    ok mes ptit anglais?

  9. ptit suisse 7 Jan 2013, 1:20pm

    Françoise, ca cest ma mére
    Francois, mon le president
    OK, mes ptit anglais

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