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Steven Soderbergh: All studios rejected Liberace film for being ‘too gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Well that’s bloody shame. It sounds like a great film. There was so much drama – and comedy – in Liberace’s life. Most of his (female) fans refused to believe he was Gay despite all the outrageous camp. A lot of people now won’t have heard of him. He was of his time. Still, at least it will be on tv at some point. Can’t wait.
    Matt Damon is always spot on about Gay issues.

  2. Spanner1960 6 Jan 2013, 1:49am

    It goes to show that homophobia in it’s real sense is still firmly ingrained in the Hollywood psyche.

    It really is about time they woke up and started reflecting real life instead of cartoon characters.

    1. Sadly, the producers and distributors, who’re usually only concerned with profits, would probably say that their reluctance actually reflects real-life indifference to gay-themed stories.

      Brokeback Mountain was a real (and, to be honest, slightly puzzling) anomaly, its success probably due to the appeal of its two stars and also possibly down to it having, yet again, a fairly tragic ending.

  3. Joseph oz 6 Jan 2013, 3:03am

    “TOO GAY”, I was just wondering how a film made of Liberace… could be too gay? I mean to say… Liberace was the king of outrageous camp. There was a made for TV film in 1988, called, “Liberace: Behind the Music”. Can’t really see how this movie could be more gay than the 1988 version? Well as Spanner1960 said, “homophobia in it’s real sense is still firmly ingrained in the Hollywood psyche”. Oh well, thank heavens for DVD’s… other wise many people wouldn’t have access to some great, Queer Cinema.

    1. Of course it is TOO gay. This was the man that sued and won a case for libel against a newspaper that called him gay. So he couldn’t be gay.

      He definitely wasn’t gay. Surely you can tell. I have never seen a gay man with THAT much bad taste.

      Then again……… if he had an affair with Matt Damon. Very good taste.

  4. For some people, it seems that GLTBI do not exist!

  5. Too gay….what could be more gay than Hollywood!!
    We all know the place is littered with queens…closeted or otherwise. I’d laugh if wasn’t so pathetic.

  6. With the all the friends Soderbergh , Douglas and Damon have they could have raised the funds in one party, and self financed the movie.

  7. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2013, 10:42am

    Well all I can say is I hope this film cleans up at all award ceremonies….

    Hopefully that stop studios being so discriminating, or at least think before they act!

  8. These are odd comments from a ‘director’ who has never shown any sympathy for gay characters…in fact, I don’t remember seeing ANY gay characters in any of his films. Plus the fact that he’s hired two major closet cases to play the leads instead of openly gay actors. I’m surprised he didn’t hire George Clooney or Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt!

    1. Don’t you ever get bored of feverishly imagining every single male actor in the world is a closet case? I certainly am not alone in finding such speculation as boring as it is unconvincing.

  9. Hollywood must be the most immoral place on earth. Fils are made showing people being killed in the most ohrrofic ways for entertainment. I would question the morality of anyone who would work there

    1. You think hollywood is more ‘immoral’ than the houses of parliament, the pentagon, the vatican, the entire middle east, every gun shop, and weapons manufacturer, the list goes on and on before I get to hollywood. I think you need a reality check.

  10. Liberace was of his time – a great entertainer and pianist with his outrageous costumes and campness, yes, the ladies loved him for what he was, a fabulous entertainer! One can understand why he hid his homosexuality, which is true today for footballers, entertainers, etc, and why the US film studios still refuse to make gay orientated films, their negativity is their loss. Let us hope that this film will be shown in the UK on TV, and released as a DVD. Damon, Douglas and producer Soderbergh deserve our thanks.

  11. The term “too gay” is of itself really offensive. To think with a known director & A-list stars attached that a studio couldn’t chuck $5m at it is extremely homophobic as it would definitely recoup its costs in dvd sales, broadcasting rights etc. For an industry which proclaims to be liberal & caring to act like this in the 21st century is pretty abhorrant & should be reported much more widely.

    1. ‘Liberal and caring’? Hollywood? Either you or I are living in a parallel universe.

  12. Christopher in Canada 6 Jan 2013, 11:54pm

    Meanwhile, Rambo was “too straight”. So were the sequels.

    Wasn’t them casting openly str8 actors enough? Do we continually have to have our voices shut down for the sake of SALES???

    1. What makes you think Hollywood is interested in anything other than sales/profit?

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