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Jane Lynch: I’m gay but I sometimes can’t resist the ‘charm’ of men like Russell Brand

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Reader comments

  1. But gay actors do play straight roles – they are just closeted.

    And if Jane “Can’t resist the ‘charm’ of men like Russell Brand”, that makes her at least mildly bi. Nothing wrong with that!

    1. Only inasmuch as we’re all bisexual to some degree. And even then, being able to recognise the attractiveness of people doesn’t mean you want to shag them.

      1. PantoHorse 5 Jan 2013, 3:25pm

        Exactly. I can find someone of the opposite sex attractive and want to spend tim with them, but doesn’t mean I want to hit the hay with them.

      2. You are making statements in the face of studies that show you are wrong. Every one is not bisexual. There are also asexuals?

        1. Fair enough, I hadn’t taken that into account.

          1. You homophobic bigots

        2. there are also people who are 100% homosexual.
          those who continuously spout the “everyone is a bit bi” line seem to want to bury the FACT that there are still a lot of people who are pure gay, with absolutely zero attraction to a person of the opposite sex.

          So no, we aren’t “all” a little bit bisexual to any sort of degree. Some of you may be, but some of us aren’t. Repeating the lie won’t make it any truer.

    2. Not nessicarily. I have a crush on Darren Criss, but no other guy does anything for me. Sexuality is very fluid, and sometimes one or two men will turn on a lesbian, or one or two women will turn on a gay man. It all comes down to the kinsey scale, only 10% of the world is completley gay or completley straight, the rest fall inbetween the scales of 1 to 7 (i think, it’s either 7 or 8) I’m not exactly disagreeing with what your saying, i’m just simply pointing it out :) xx

  2. I’m Gay but sometimes I just can’t resist the charm of women like Jane Lynch.

  3. “I sometimes can’t resist the ‘charm’ of men like Russell Brand”. But Russell Brand has no charm.. oh, I get it – it was a joke.

  4. I’m gay but I can resist the charm of men like Russell Brand.

    1. Same here, though I can’t say I’d noticed much charm emanating from him. Then again, I find him so repellent that I wouldn’t look at him from choice.

  5. BruceWillisFan 5 Jan 2013, 11:33am

    I am sorry. but I am not buying this at all what so. Role Models actress Jane Lynch is still & always be a out & proud lesbian and Russell Brand please its all a big joke. I think Russell Brand is vile, disgusting, talentless & not funny & btw the interview video from his show that he did with the wbc, you can tell it was planned out before hand & staged. grow up Jane Lynch & please go away Russell Brand.

  6. Never heard of anyone having a crush on Russell Brand before. :s

    1. I didn’t think even Russell Brand liked Russell Brand!

  7. Russell Brand is a greasy, smelly, skinny, whiny, unfunny little twerp. Charming? I’m sure dog sh1t more charming than that guy.

  8. Jane has terrible taste in men, he is disgusting in every way.

  9. Christopher in Canada 5 Jan 2013, 7:16pm

    I’m having a hard time reconciling the word “charm” with the words “Russell Brand”.

  10. I love how even Pinknews puts quotations round the word ‘charm’… not even they are buying it… :-)

    Oh and just to throw my twopenny-worth in, I am completely and 100% gay without the slightest bit of bi in even a single cell – although I get the ‘we’re all bi’ argument (as in, for a lot of people sexuality is fluid) it’s definitely not for all of us!

  11. Stick to women, Jane. ;-)

  12. Matthew Paris says human sexuality is like a Champagne bottle. All the total straights down at the fat end and all the total Gays up at the neck. True Bisexuals are right in the middle. Most people exist on either side of centre. No two people are alike.

  13. I’m a lesbian but good god Russell Crowe is one fine man <3

    I feel u Jane even thought Russell Brand is ugly as hell.

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