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X Factor’s Rylan Clark banishes celebs to basement of Celebrity Big Brother House

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Reader comments

  1. Not a news story. Pink News, get a grip.

  2. “Inside the basement, there is no running water, no windows”
    Sounds a bit like where a certain comedian might be going.
    (I did name him in a previous post but it was removed)

  3. GingerlyColors 4 Jan 2013, 8:38am

    I’m quite surprised that Brian Dowling was going to put up with having Jim Davidson on Celebrity Big Brother in the first place. At least both Brian and Rylan will be spared Davidson’s disgusting attitude although whether or not he is guilty of the sexual abuse charges remain to be seen as in the eyes of the law he is still innocent until proven otherwise. Having said that it seems that the chickens are coming home to roost. Rylan Clark to win CBB.

  4. I probably just old but you call these people celebrities? Im afraid I not a fan of Ryan he needs to engage his brain before his lips move- but his young, bright apart from when he queries wheres the basement.

    1. Like it or not, they are celebrities by any definition. The odious Davidson, though out of favour now, has been a household name for 40 years. Dowling has appeared regularly on TV as a contestant, pundit and presenter for 10 years or so. The other one is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame after appearing on The XFactor – which is a prime-time TV talent competition.

  5. roderious 4 Jan 2013, 9:51am

    I’ve heard of Jim Davidson for all the wrong reasons. I seem to remember Gillian Taylforth is famous for having oral sex with someone in a layby, but I’ve never heard of any of the others.

    Why are these people celebrities? why is anyone making or watching this programme? why is PN reporting on this?

    Sometimes I worry about the human race.

  6. Sorry, Pink News, I’d rather have no news than something about Big Brother. And something not connected to anything LGBT.

  7. As ever, we can depend on PN to be the bastion for gay news of real depth.

    As this esteemed organ proudly declares at the base of each page:-

    “Founded to produce broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community, we cover politics to theology in an intelligent manner.”

    Indeed, and who are we to argue with THAT?!?!

    1. Rylan (who?) Clark may well have consigned some deluded self-important has-beens to a grotty basement (personally I wouldn’t know neither does anyone need to know), but PN has succeeded in confining itself to the bargain basement, and not for the first time of late…

  8. Keep up the good work Pink News, unlike the news snobs here, I like a bit of gossip Rylan Style along with my news.
    (Cue righteous replies)

    1. I’m sorry for expecting a gay news site to report gay news.

      (Righteous and proud right now, sweetheart.)

      1. I don’t understand why you are saying that PN does not report news. The following 9 subjects are from the 13 featured articles on the PN homepage right now.
        Gay Congressman/Senate job
        Israeli MP marries couples
        HIV Vaccine
        Mississippi marriage licences refused
        Sport anti-Homophobia campaign
        Christian shooting case
        Scott Lively trial
        Tammy Baldwin sworn in
        Pentagon Gay website ban
        The other 4 stories may be considered a bit fluffy but readers may like PN reporting on Popular culture as well as more serious issues, sweetheart.

        1. Fluffy…yes I like some fluffy news….and some not so fluffy news…I’m pretty perfect news wise!

      2. LOL! Ya just couldn’t resist…….love it!

      3. Just noticed your name…Sniffy…lol…Lord Sniffy no doubt….Don’t go changing!

  9. Dex (@MrDexB) 4 Jan 2013, 3:39pm

    Fricking embarrassment to us!

  10. Dex (@MrDexB) 4 Jan 2013, 3:43pm

    Can we have some real LGBT role models?

    1. Define ‘real’. Is Rylan imaginary?? I’m confused! What qualifies someone as as a role model anyway? I’m sure there are lots of young guy guys out there who identify with Rylan and would aspire to copy his celebrity fame…however long or short it may be. BTW. I’m not embarrassed by him in the least, he makes me laugh and thats not a bad thing.

    2. Describe your ideal GLBT role model, Dex. Go on. Give us all a laugh.
      I’m bored with people here who are intolerant of diversity. You think you are better than the camp gays, do you?
      You are self-loathing.

      1. Dex (@MrDexB) 5 Jan 2013, 1:58am

        Cal, he’s a complete show-off. I actually like a bit of camp gays who has a couple of stereotypes, mainly because they entertain me but also because they don’t use their stereotypes mainly for entertainment. Rylan is just a person who uses every single gay stereotype in existence and some more that probably doesn’t exist yet, mixes it in and turns himself into a perfect description of a regular gay man to everyone outside the LGBT community. And BTW, why am I not allowed to have my opinion on what gays are like? I hate one person who uses their stereotypes and turns it into just one big headache and you call me self-loathing? FFS mate. And thanks for trying to present me as a self-loving self-loathing homosexual who hates EVERYBODY who is camp. But you failed miserably.

        1. Fair enough. Sorry I was harsh. Probably misunderstood you. There are lots of Gays out there who are an embarrassment. The Log Cabin Republicans fit the bill – and Rupert Everett should shut his mouth a bit more often. Of course Ryan Clark is ridiculous but he’s pretty harmless. Most people in showbiz are show offs. He just doesn’t conceal it as well.

          1. Dex (@MrDexB) 5 Jan 2013, 11:17pm

            Apology accepted. I’m also sorry for being rude to you too. I feel like I’ve put too much stress into my comment.

          2. Thank you, Dex. My fault, though. Actually I was bit drunk when I wrote it. I have to ban myself from going near PN when I’ve had a few! x

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