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West Ham’s Matt Jarvis: Gay footballers would find support and play better if they came out

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Reader comments

  1. Good for you, Mr Jarvis. – not for making Attitude’s cover look like an edition of Men’s Health (the closet queen’s favourite) but for speaking out about this. I am sure there is LOADS of homophobic banter in all football changing rooms. The closeted ones probably have to join in to keep their cover going – making it all the more difficult to come out now.

  2. Very well said Mr. Jarvis I hope that its now a case of when and not if we will see some Out and Proud Footballers.

  3. Never been prouder to be a Hammer.

  4. Dont be so Silly Matt -he would never receive the support required to allow him to continue in the game. If there was they would not be hiding/ holding back.

    Its great that you have spoken about this issue Matt I think thats great.

  5. But most of them will probably be married and all the hurt and hassle that would entail.

  6. The problem is and always has been the institutional bigotry of the FA.

    Football fans and players are no more homophobic than rugby fans.

    However the FA is still stuck in the 20th century when it comes to homosexuality.

    The moment the FA decides to treat homophobia as seriously as it was forced to treat racism (let’s be honest the FA is pretty racist as well) then it would make it far easier for a player to come out.

  7. He says the right things and he is gorgeous!

    1. I know he is ;) ain’t he.
      He’s so hot. :D

  8. Easy talk coming from someone who is NOT gay.

    How could he possibly know what it would REALLY be like for a gay footballer to come out?

    The ones who are obviously think its worth paying thousands of pounds to publicists to maintain a “straight” public identity.

    They live in the real football world.

    1. True, it’s easy for him to talk; however, the more people like him take an encouraging public stance, the more likely it is that one day fairly soon a gay professional footballer will come out. The support is important.

  9. Look, I love that there are all these straight sportsmen being supportive of gay people and gay people coming out but they really need to shelve the advice

    They “think” that gay sportsmen would be supported. They think gay players “should” come out. Gay people are far more aware of whether it’s safe to come out in their environment than straight people are. Gay people are also more aware of homophobia – and how likely that support will be. They need support, not instruction

    Say “I will support gay players” say “I will defend gay players”. But stop trying to push gay players out of the closet because you, a straight man, thinks it’ll be ok. You don’t know that, you can’t know that.

    1. There’s no pleasing some people. This guy makes a supportive statement that is nothing but positive and he gets mealy-mouthed flack. Unbelievable. Gay players won’t come out because they are told too. This kind of public statement from straight players are influential and will make it easier for Gay players who do want to come out. This guy did a good thing. A few years ago no footballer would be seen dead on a Gay cover.

  10. Out and proud footballers won’t happen as long as there are no out and proud ordinary people. As long as there only 1,5% out people, we shouldn’t expect much.

  11. David Carpenter 5 Jan 2013, 9:25am

    fair comments but I wish people would stop using this platform as a PR exercise for their own gain. They have no idea what it is like to be gay and the reaction by people and are in no position to comment. We need footballers to come out and support the situation

  12. Fans are more concerned that players play well and win games. They could care less whom the players sleep with. Now that behind the scenes people/managers/handlers … To them, anything that might jeopardize their meal tickets is a bad thing.

  13. Let me say: yummy !!

  14. What can you do for homosexuals ? Only fuss and fuss,just like that.Go home and take care of your stupid heterosexual family,understand ?

  15. Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preussen 13 Jan 2013, 12:24am

    I wish, that he fuck me – without pity and condoms – all this very long winter night. And by day I have permission to be he`s pants in blue.

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