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US: American Idol’s Fantasia defends same-sex marriage rant

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Reader comments

  1. And is the gobby little cow still recording or just making a tit of herself?

    1. Alex, the answer is “what is a tit?”

  2. vversatile 4 Jan 2013, 4:59pm

    Too stupid to understand why her comment was offensive.

  3. Stick your media hungry little head above the parapet love, and you are likely to get it shot off.

    Now go back to school and learn to do something useful.

    Fantasia, couldn’t get a better name.

  4. Oh, she’ll be forgotten in six months’ time. I woudn’t worry about her.

    1. Six months ? You’re being generous !

  5. Of course, it’s homophobic. If she can’t see that she needs to educate herself a bit and think before she speaks/writes. She’s clearly implying that gay marriage is ‘wrong’.Actually, I don’t believe she didn’t know that when she chose those words.

  6. Her statement is clearly homophobic. Nasty bitch. Hope she goes down the pan.

  7. Fantasia is her actual name?

    If her parents were that desperate to name her after a Disney film, it seems they missed a trick by not going for Dumbo. Moron.

  8. She sounds illiterate.

  9. Christopher Hobe Morrison 4 Jan 2013, 6:38pm

    Can’t tell if it was homophobic or not but certainly was illiterate and stupid.

  10. When people say things like “lay with who like” and “each to their own” makes me think that your a homophobe who tolerates gay people.

    Is it true that Jennifer Hudson is a homophobe ?, i read an article saying so but she later denied it and stated how sad she was over the media spreading rumors.

  11. I think you should get a FANTASTIC BARRISTER, because you are surely gonna need one if you keep spouting off like that.

    Now dearie, get your text books, pencil case, get back to school.

    Oh and

  12. Her comment is OBVIOUSLY homophobic. In fact, it’s seriously homophobic. Vile woman.

  13. Interesting that the accompanying photo should be of her with her mouth wide open. I wonder if she ever shuts it.

  14. Blown away by all the media attention!

    “not far enough dearie… not far enough!”

  15. Whoever she is? she’s very ugly , horrible burnt hair, stupid, grotesque , backward simpleton.

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