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US: Pentagon bans access to gay news websites

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  1. The Pentagon is at the heart of a hugely bloated and horribly indulgent MIC – of course it wants to foster right-wing ideology of fear and paranoia. Its bread and butter depends on a stupid and scared population, apparently within its own walls.

    I am not surprised by this in the slightest.

    You’ll also find that military radio syndicated Limbaugh, for example. Whipping up the mob through divisive and insane rhetoric is at the heart of everything the Pentagon stands for. And I think that there is more at stake than them cutting off LGBT websites in this matter.

  2. Discrimination!

    The Pentagon also openly allows right-wing bigoted websites such as:

    National Organisation of Marriage (NOM); Scouts, Religious websites that encourage anti-gay stuff and hatred and the like, etc!

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