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Gay Israeli MP conducts unofficial same-sex marriage ceremonies outside Rabbinic Court

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Reader comments

  1. Isn’t a rabbinical court a religious court?

    Does that have legal standing in Israel?

    If so then shame on the israeli theocracy.

    Religious cults are dangerous and moronic.

    And the fact that civil marriage is banned in Israel is unspeakably appalling and backward.

    Religion is for stupid people.

    1. That’s not the post I originally placed.

      Who modified/censored my original post?

      In my original/uncensored post I mentioned the disgusting discrimination that Israeli atheists are subject to – the manner in which they have to spend thousands of quid in order to get a civil marriage abroad (whether they are gay or straight) because the Israeli theocracy bans civil marriage.

      The owner of this website (that’s you Benjamin Cohen) has religious problems (in that he;s a religious orthodox jew and therefore believes in that ‘god’ a$$hole), and this site keeps posting articles complimentary to the Israeli theocracy.

      Mr Cohen – your website has in the past posted pro-war, pro-Israeli, neo-conservative crap.

      Maybe it’s time you admitted your agenda.

      I am perfectly fine with people arguing or disagreeing with me,

      But you are engaging in censorship here.


  2. aharon ben yossef 4 Jan 2013, 3:00pm

    Well Done !!

    At last – an open and assertive political act which can only go to progressing the cause of religious freedom and even freedom from religion in this Country. At the very worst, it is a clear declaration that politics and civics must be free from all and any religious dictates.

    1. Hello Aharon,


      Your post was the 1st response to this story at 6pm on 4th January.

      Somehow my post (which was the 2nd response) is now the 1st response on the comment board, And my response has been modified,

      Why is Pink News censoring responses,

      I said nothing offensive in my original response. I merely mentioned how disgusting it is that Israel is a country which openly discriminates against atheists and other non-jews.

  3. Do these rabbinical courts have legal standing?

    If so then it is an utter disgrace. A religious court should not have any legal standing. It is grossly offensive that any religion should have legal recognition (and I’m also looking at the Cult of England).

    And the fact that Israeli recognises civil marriages performed abroad does not excuse the appalling situation that civil marriage is illegal inside Israel.

    So atheists are discriminated against and forced to spend thousands on travelling abroad to get a civil marriage?

    A theocracy posing as a democracy is is a gross idea.

    why do all these moronic cults refuse to stop interfering in the lives of people who reject their superstitions?
    Religion is so disgusting and unpleasant in the way that it tries to impose its values on all of society – whether that society believes in the ‘god’ thing or not.

    1. Who the f*** wrote response number 1 above?

      Because it’s under my name, but I did not write that.

      What type of censorship is going on here?

  4. Correction. There were two same-sex couples (a male couple and a female couple) and an interreligious heterosexual couple.

    1. Take no notice Victor.

      Response are being censored and modified on this story.

      What type of f***ed up agenda is going on here?

  5. Seeing as there is blatant censorship going on here let;s see if certain words are allowed?




    Antii-atheist discrimination?

    Just checking.

  6. Censorship.


    (My personal belief is that an abusive or hateful comment can be deleted by the moderator, but that if the moderator rewrites and repositions a user;s comment, then there is something very unpleasant going on.)

    Read this now kids,

    By 9am I am sure my comments will have been removed.

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