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Video: Chris Colfer says he is ‘typecast’ and ‘pigeonholed’ for being gay

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Reader comments

  1. I like Chris Colfer and I like Glee. Chris is camp. It’s how he got the part that has made him a star. I hope his career allows him to show the full gamut of his considerable talent but I don’t think he should complain too much of typecasting. All actors are typecast until they prove they can do something different. Catch 22.
    That’s showbiz.

    1. Stephanie Strain 4 Jan 2013, 1:39am

      I agree that Colfer has an incredible range of talent and energy. I regard his remark as more a comment on tendencies than a complaint, per se. People, by nature, try to fit others (and situations) into comfortable packages. Kurt was his first role in the public eye. I think the character of Carson will help a little. Colfer will work it out, getting out of the niche. I’m looking forward to other projects.

      Hopefully, Colfer’s projects won’t be regarded as tied to his celebrity as a Glee star, but will be regarded on their own merits. SBL was very good. Not perfect, but very good and with a hefty dose of emotional impact. Wish it had been around (and Colfer’s Kurt) when I was a teen.

    2. I am a gay man who cannot stand Chris’ voice. He is worried about being typecast, give me a break Chris. Try butching it and maybe you won’t come off as such a flamer.

  2. His problem is that he has never forced Ryan Murphy to let Kurt be anything but campy. Chris is actually a very attractive guy. But 90% of Kurt’s wardrobe and hair choices look just plain freaky! Unfortunately this really limits his perceived range because his image is that of the eccentric, campy kid.

    1. Forced Ryan Murphy?!!! That’s just not how it works in tv.
      More importantly, Colfer on Glee represents a very real group of campy kids who are bullied because of their instinctive (and often involuntary) effeminacy. Do you want him to “butch up” to make him more palatable? There are other gay characters on Glee who represent the straight-acting types you may prefer. These people tend to be less vulnerable. Chris Colfer’s performance as Kurt and his success with it makes him a very valuable character indeed.

  3. GulliverUK 4 Jan 2013, 7:58am

    Love Glee and Chris Colfer, and I think he’s a fantastic role model for young kids, gay or straight.

    He might feel typecast right now but I think that’s very unlikely to last long. A number of major stars were in early gay-themed films What about those in Queer As Folk, they’ve done other things – the young guy Nathan was in Sons of Anarchy. Some people worry being out will mean the work will stop, but that’s not happening to plenty of out actors.

    1. Interestingly though (at least I think so), none of the main actors in the UK Queer as Folk are actually gay themselves.

      1. And one of them, with whom I was lightly acquainted, I had always known as quite homophobic.

  4. BruceWillisFan 4 Jan 2013, 10:06am

    I really like Chris Colfer and Glee (but not Series 2 though). I think he is a very good actor. but the reason why I think he is a very good actor is because adleast he is been honest & gets to play himself on screen like other very good openly gay actors who have got to play themselfs on screen like Simon Callow. Dirk Bogarde. Sir Ian McKellen. Rupert Everett. John Barrowman. Kieron Richardson. Matt Bomer. Zachary Quinto & Neil Patrick Harris. so well done Chris Colfer I am so proud of you.

    1. I’m afraid Dirk Bogarde should not be included on your list. He was in no way openly Gay. In his wonderful series of autobiographies he always refers to his partner of 50 years, Anthony Forwood, as his manager – and by surname only. In one of his last two autobiographies (either A Short Walk From Harrods or Cleared For take-Off) he goes into elaborate nonsense about his female conquests. I am a big fan of Bogarde’s acting and writing. He did his bit in some of the incredibly brave film choices he made – particularly Victim. But in the closet he firmly was, I’m afraid.

    2. Why do you not like Season 2?

  5. I have some sympathy for Chris. But, that’s showbiz. A casting agent wouldn’t last a minute if they put him up for an Arnold Swatzneggar role. So, my advice would be – collect the enormous repeat fees, enjoy the book royalties and be happy to be working – type-cast or not.

  6. It pisses me of how on TV most gay men are camp. We are not all camp, stereotypes are very damaging. Ever since I came out to my brother, whenever an effeminate gay man comes on the television he says that is me. I tell him, I am not camp and not to pigeon hole gay men as being the same cause we are not. I have some sympathy with Chris Colfer, but if he is a bit camp

    1. Exactly Peter. I don’t understand the necessity of some gay men to be so campy and effeminate. I am transgender myself but even because of that I am not nearly as effeminate and flamboyant as Chris’ terribly stereotypical character Kurt Hummel in Glee, who doesn’t convince me anymore as a cisgender male character.

  7. Lion in Winter 5 Jan 2013, 7:13pm

    Well, he is being typecast all the way to the bank!

    Any word on his movie dream of being Pinocchio or of having Julie Andrews as his grandmother on Glee?

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