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Scott Mills: I want to go back to Uganda — but can’t because it’s too dangerous

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Reader comments

  1. Send Chris Moyles instead.

  2. i watched that documentary and was shocked. i knew it was bad in Uganda but what i saw in that program showed me just how bad it is. my heart goes out to any LGBT people living in such a hostile environment and i definitely do not think it would be a good idea for Scott to return especially considering what happened last time…

  3. Send the Rev. Richard Coles instead…

  4. Don’t go. I feel sorry for those people too but you can do nothing.
    And Bahati’s henchmen are certainly waiting for you at the airport.

    1. There’s always something you can do, it just depends on whether you want to

  5. could`nt another presenter do a follow-up,not neccesarily a gay presenter..someone like david walliams would be good!

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