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Dr Christian Jessen reveals torment of online bullying and false sex claims

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Reader comments

  1. The answer is easy Chris, don’t do Twitter.
    It’s a fad an a lot of so called ‘celebrities’ are addicted to it.
    Bin it and the probem ends – simples.

    1. Very disappointing if it has to come to that (though it might indeed). Twitter is an effective medium for influencial people to get important messages across, and the importance of the safe sex message cannot be understated.

    2. Why should he feel the need to leave twitter? Especially when he is one of those who uses twitter as another medium to give out a *lot* of friendly advice to people?

    3. Yeah! let the bullies win! That’s totally the right message to give out!

  2. Dump twitter. I did. I found it one big yawn at best. If you have something to say create your own website and control things from there. You can write on it to your hearts content and control who else gets a say.
    Richard O’Brien had the same problem when he found out that someone was imitating him online on twitter, and he doesn’t even have a twitter account.

  3. Never let the bastards make you hide Chris…accept that there will always be those who wanna hurt you and damage your reputation, but don’t let them drive you off Twitter if that’s where you wanna be. Bullies would love that they drove you to do that.

  4. Sounds like homophobic bullying to me. Easy for me to say, I know, but I don’t think he need worry too much a bout gossip. He’s a celeb and it’s all part of the game.

  5. I’m a bit skeptical about some of the shirts this guy wears.

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