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California’s governor seeks to restore gay ‘cure’ ban

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Reader comments

  1. I’d be curious to see what public reaction there would be if any professional were to start “straight cure” therapies. “bogot cure” would be an appealing one actually. And this is the only answer one needs in the face of homophobic/bigoted views

  2. Go, Jerry!
    The free speech argument does sound a bit spurious, doesn’t it? Quite desperate.
    Therapy means treatment. They do not have a right to perform damaging treatments on children.

  3. Ex Gay Therapy kills LGBT people by using anti-gay Christians and psychotherapist who use fraud and quack science to murder LGBT people for money.

  4. Jerry Brown is a hero.
    Fighting on the front lines against one of the biggest attacks on the rights and lives of homosexuals in America.

  5. Go for it Jerry. We are with you!

  6. ‘Dustbin of quackery’ Has to be the funniest sentence I have EVER read in my life. So go Jerry!

  7. How about we cure bigotes and homophobes!?

    Start with ALL the members of the Westbro Baptist Church!

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