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GaydarRadio to stop broadcasting

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Reader comments

  1. OMG! How will I get my fix of Neil & Debbie in the morning?

    This is not good news!

    1. Chris Holliday is fantastic – you’ll love him!

    2. One of the best Breakky Shows has gone to be replaced by rubbish, sorry Gaydio but a Big Community station across the UK aint working….

  2. Jon Alderton 3 Jan 2013, 12:26pm

    Can’t believe this!

  3. Darren Mowbray 3 Jan 2013, 12:29pm

    Gaydio is a fantastic radio station. I much preferred it to GaydarRadio. I like the fact with Gaydio there is lots of variety in their music choice AND their shows. I particularly like John Ryan’s 80s show, Emma Peate’s musical show and Ant & Laura’s show. GaydarRadio is all samey-samey! Boring if you ask me. Great to see this and I hope Gaydio does not change too much and sticks to its core.

    1. Shame Gaydio has totally flipped the format…it is far more samey samey all day than Gaydar ever was, trying to copy Gaydar but with poor presenters, now hardly anything of gay interest, no gay news, dont really know what it offers for the gay community these days, music wise its just a back to back dance station. Gaydio was good as the community station in Manchester with a great variety of music and conversation, but now….doesnt cater for anyone unless you want dance music. It is now not what it was licenced for in my opinion.

  4. I love Gaydio – so this is no bad thing.

  5. this is really sad news it now means we have no community radio

    1. Exactly, Gaydio has gone in all but name and a few shows just on in Manchester,

  6. Spanner1960 3 Jan 2013, 3:33pm

    Does anybody listen to this camp old disco sh|te anyway?

    1. Yes. When I’m not listening to Erasure! :P

  7. Pavlos Prince of Greece 3 Jan 2013, 3:38pm

    In September 2011: Gay 365; December 2011: UK Gay News; September 2012: Pink Paper; now, in January 2013 – GaydarRadio. Who next?..

    1. Obviously the LGBT market is shrinking. Gay people are at most 2% of the adult population – and a lot of that 2% are no longer interested in living in a gay ghetto doing gay things all gay long.

      Who next? Gay Times and Attitude magazine. Probably more pubs and bars (loads of them are always half empty). Does Clone Zone still exist?

      There might be a mini boom in services for older gays – as the median age of gay men in the US and Europe is about 45 these days – hence the rapid growth of the bear scene in the last decade.

      1. therewillbeaplace 3 Jan 2013, 8:30pm

        I think it’s more a reflection of the economics of digital radio. Broadcasting on DAB digital radio is expensive and a lot of digital only commercial radio stations have either ceased broadcasting or are struggling. I think it’s a great shame Gaydar Radio is going and I know a lot of people who’ve been involved with the radio station are gutted by today’s news.

        1. The thing I don’t understand is, how can a small community station of 100,000 listeners per-month take, on the DAB licences, whereas Gaydar Radio, with well over 700,000 revenue generating listeners, couldn’t afford it any more?

          If it was just a DAB licence issue then why couldn’t Gaydar Radio continue to broadcast through the Internet? At least that would have given time to find ways of sorting out the “money problem”, and get back on the air again.

          I would have though that a good proportion of the listeners were listening through the internet anyway? Most people could access it, like me, on my mobile.

          It really doesn’t add up to me. There must be more to it than just a DAB licence issue!!

          There must be something that can be done. Anything?

      2. Spanner1960 5 Jan 2013, 1:06am

        You may well be right.
        As gay people become more accepted as part and parcel of society, there is no need for specialist areas.
        I see that as progress.

      3. It’s not just that it was a gay radio station. Sure the ‘gay’ element gave it a unique twist and helped it stand out from the crowd, but the mix of music and quality and the sense of humour of the presenters made sure that even straight people like me loved to listen to it.

  8. Aww I loved gaydar radio. Used to perk me up.

  9. Aoife O'Sullivan 3 Jan 2013, 5:01pm

    Such a shame. Gaydio is a good station but having a gay station broadcasting from the capital was important. Thanks to Gaydar radio for the newest and best funky house, great events, interviews and great support of the scene.

  10. Jamie Not So Wise 3 Jan 2013, 5:14pm

    Gutted to hear this. Having listened to Gaydio on the odd trip to manchester I thought it was crap! Gaydar radio is brilliant (apart from the breakfast show but I’m usually in bed then anyway lol). Where will I get my fix of housey dance music from now??? Nothing else plays stuff even remotely similar around here. Won’t be listening to Gaydio unless they change the format.

  11. Really disappointing and sad for all those who have found themselves without a job. Will miss Neil and Debbie in the mornings.

  12. This is sad. I thought it was a good station. I feel bad for staff who will lose their jobs :(

  13. Very sorry to hear about the end of GaydarRadio – best wishes to Robin and Neil. I recall fondly doing 2 guest mixes for GaryH on Club Nation in 2007 as well. All the best xxx

  14. Why is this happening….!

  15. Why isn’t this top story?

  16. I was one of Gaydar Radio’s “straight” listeners and I am upset by the loss of such an Iconic station. Yes I came for the music, the absolute best mix of music from any radio station, but I stayed for the presenters. Huge personalities who can not be equaled. Before I was made redundant Gaydar Radio was always on my headphones in the office. It got me through the day.

    I have tried listening to Gaydio but It’s just not the same. No offence to Chris and Emma, I am sure they are very lovely people and have many many fans of their show, but they ain’t no N-Debz. and Toby Whitehouse is no match for the Legend.

    I want Gaydar Radio back!!!

  17. Marcus Kretschmer 2 Jun 2013, 4:31pm

    I left the UK in November 2011 to settle back to Germany, and now I find out (quite late I know) that Gaydar radio is gone for good? What happened to Neill & Debbie? I even bought an extremely expensive DAB radio (at that time in 2004) from Dixons in Crawley to get woken by Gaydar Radio and Neill & Debbie started for years every week day’s morning my working day. Not saying that Gaydio is bad, but it is sad that QSoft Consulting has decided to ‘kill off’ a great radio station.
    I’m shocked.

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