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Westboro Baptist Church protest at gay weddings in Maryland

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Reader comments

  1. Can I suggest no one leaves any comments about this?

    Enough has been said. They don’t need any more attention.

  2. Dangermouse 2 Jan 2013, 5:54pm

    Those people must love being hated.

    1. They do, they’ve made a business out of it.

  3. Well, thank you, Episcopalians. Christians protesting against them will actually be more effective than a Gay protest.

    1. Nobody remembers the counter protests. You have to admit WBC are a genuinely transgressive/subversive pop-culture act. I’m surprised the Vauxhall Tavern haven’t done a WBC theme night yet.

  4. Pink News is continuing its shameful policy of promoting homophobia by giving this group free publicity.

    Disgraceful behaviour by Pink News

    1. How on earth is reporting of this promotion?

      You really do need to read up on what promotion means. This site is not quite giving links to WBC membership forms is it?

  5. I actually am beginning to approve of the Westboro Baptist Church’s mad outings because of the huge pro-inclusive demonstrations they incite.
    And I think the child in the photo should be taken into care.

    1. Exactly. They are evil but they do us more good than harm.

  6. God hates fags but loves little virgin girls being raped by his male believers….read the bible, it’s the truth.

  7. Marc Webster 2 Jan 2013, 9:07pm

    Aw bless them (NOT)….just every time they do something moronic like this they just do themselves an injustice…not like I care…they are just so loathsome….but its the kids I feel sorry for…they arent getting a chance to be happy

  8. I was there with a picture of Fred Phelps with two horns sticking out of his head

    One of them was a dildo.. These nutters stayed only about half an hour and left to our cheers. many of the vehicles honked in support.

    1. Which visually/culturally is as lame as it gets.

      The fascinating thing about WBC is their pop cultural clout. A stupid small hillbilly family have produced a far more compelling art product than the every Turner prize nominee combined. You should watch their parody song videos on youtube. Gad Hates the World is my favourite. Start buying up their signs now. They will be worth a fortune in a few years time. Andy Warhol would have loved them.

  9. Jock S. Trap 3 Jan 2013, 9:06am

    Westboro…. Roman Catholic Church… You can rely on religion trying to wreck a perfect day with hate and discrimination!!

  10. I was actually there at the wedding in the episcopal church in downtown annapolis md, the state capital, with a gay friend

    Somewhere on the web is a pix of me standing behind my 28 year old gay friend whose pants were on his ankles, no shirt, just his undies

    I had a hand on each of his nipples – so funny and yes I’m str8. the pix hangs on the wall

    Wish I could simply cut off the nipples and tities of the westboro people.

    And use a large electric drill to insure they dont have any more kiddies

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