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US: Transgender man faces difficulty in getting divorced from wife

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Reader comments

  1. “Judge Douglas Gerlach of the Maricopa County Family Court said in late June that he was unable to find any legal authority that defines a man as someone who can give birth.”

    That’s also not part of the definition of a woman, so shut up and keep to what Beattie’s legal documents say: he’s a man.

    1. Don’t be infantile; of course having a womb is part of being a woman & giving birth is most definitely not a part of being a man. This person might think of themselves as a man but we can’t all be bullied into rejecting the evidence of our own eyes. It seems cultural studies junkies and gender ideologues tie themselves up in realms of illusion but they can’t demand the rest of us subscribe to what are nothing more than delusions & lies.

      1. Oh right, so women who have hysterectomies aren’t women. Thanks for the info.

        1. You know that’s an adolescent argument, don’t you. Women who have hysterectomies were born with wombs. Men are not. It’s really not that difficult.

          1. actually there are a large number of people who are born with certain disorders (such as being born a woman with no womb and partially developed testes) So what are they genius? Your ignorance is astonishing and your definition of man and woman is limited by such. But hey we cant all be intelligent can we.

          2. Says the ignorant man who thinks just because he can spit out a few big words he can make a solid argument.
            Just because people have an opposing opinion to your own you have decided to accuse them of being ‘infantile’ and liars. I believe you also accused us of trying to bully you into believing.. I’ll tell you now I could not care less what you believe. You have tried to belittle people with alternative views to your own and it’s a sad attempt.
            Quite frankly after reading your replies I don’t get a sense of logical ideas that were intelligently communicated, I get the sense of a man who is strongly opinionated with only half thought out arguments he tries to pretty up with words she came across by using the ‘synonyms’ option in his word program.

          3. Actually, Joe, I was born without a womb. I have ovaries and am completely female, but I lack a womb. So please, what am I? Male, I suppose?

            I guess I’d better get rid of my breasts, have my ovaries cut out and undergo surgery so that I can be what you believe I should be!

      2. Ideally, a perfect society would follow the spirit of the law, but I’ll admit that that is an unorganizable concept, and thus we must follow the law to the letter.
        ‘Male’ is a scientific term. Thomas Beatie is not a male, but he is a man. Debating that after the fact is downright deplorable on the part of the judge.

        On the subject of splitting hairs, though, ” … that he was unable to find any legal authority that defines a man as someone who can give birth.” is utter bullshit, pardon my expletive. I’ve never found a legal authority that defines a woman as someone who is named Stephanie and occasionally wears shoes. Sorry, majority of people named Stephanie, but you are no longer allowed to be divorced because your judge is shoephobic.
        Is that too silly? Do siamese twin girls cancel each other out and become male?
        Right, still too silly, apologies. Let’s draw the line and say that anyone born with any physical mutations from their birth sex are disallowed marriage.

  2. Following the same legal tradition that made them a legally married couple, the court should not have difficulty in ending their marriage contract.
    It does not take that much to create an extention of law to incorporate evolved social realities into the traditional legal expectations. They just need to do their jobs.

  3. Really shows what self serving none sense this all is.

  4. friday jones 3 Jan 2013, 2:23am

    The state’s same-sex marriage ban specifically states “a man and a woman.” Since Beattie is legally a man, and his wife is legally a woman, the judge is just gilding the lily.

    1. Kimberly M 3 Jan 2013, 2:39pm

      Ya ok, so in the legal paper world he is a man, but in the real world she is a woman that wants to be a man, I know what she’s trying to do, I’m in the same situation only reversed (I’m M to F)
      I can yell as loud as I want to that I’m a woman but deep down I know that I’m not.

      1. I’m sorry that you are pretending to be transsexual, but that is no excuse for you to project that on other people who are actually transsexual. This dude is a dude in the real world.

      2. Xiana Lorenzi 17 Jan 2013, 1:20pm

        How dare you? How dare you go there?? You are supposed to be someone who is like us right??? Someone who feels what we feel right??? Calling yourself kimberly right???? How can someone like you be so uneducated about this subject??? The trans community has been trying so hard to understand ourselves and to get others to understand us and you are going to just right out say that you “deep down i know i’m not” ??? WELL MAYBE *YOU* ARE NOT!!!!! maybe it is you who is confused and playing a role that you have no right playing if you have no sense to understand it. Maybe you SHOULDN’T call yourself a woman if you know deep down you are not! BECAUSE NEWS FLASH!!! WE ARE TRANSGENDER BECAUSE DEEP DOWN WE KNOW WE ARE BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!!!!!!!! Not because we like being spat on and judged and treated like nothing and because we find it fun to have legal issues and have to fight for rights that we should already have access to as FREE PEOPLE AND AS PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN WILLS TO THRIVE!

  5. Once again someone born with a penis having the arrogance to personally define what a man is for us all. Never have I found a definition of a man as someone with a feeble mind.

  6. They should be able to get divorced as any other couple seeking a divorce.

  7. Since biologically a man cannot give birth, I am surprised the law acknowledged his new “status” as a man, since he still retained a uniquely feminine capability. I think it is bizare and sad for the children to be put in a situation where they have to get their heads around who gave birth to them. I’m not homophobic but I do find this all very strange.

    1. Oh, don’t talk common sense on this issue, for goodness sake. They’ll start frothing.

    2. Children don’t have any difficulty wrapping their heads around trans people, or the idea of a father with an unusual physiology getting pregnant because his wife can’t. That stuff only confuses adults who have been taught that sex and gender are simpler than they actually are. Kids who grow up around trans people don’t see them as weird.

      The only sad thing is that the kids are having to deal with their parents divorcing.

    3. he/she wants WHOLE cake and eat it too. if it wants to be a dude well… dudes cant give birth. he/she needs to make a choice

      1. HE wans a divorce. No mention of cake. Your use of the word “it” is intentionally disrespectful. You’re a troll. He’s a dude. He gave birth to his children.

        1. My issues here is why is Thomas seeking media attention, again? Did the money run out from his first shot at the 5 mins of fame wheel?

          As for being the first, I was shocked to see that he’s actually recorded as such in the book of records. To me that completely invalidates that book. I know men who had kids long before this one came around but the only difference was, they had their kids and are busy raising them outside of the spotlight.
          They didn’t use them to make a living off of.

          Also I’m confused, if he was legally considered male and legally accepted and married as such, was it in the same state as he’s in now? Cause if everything in that state recognizes him as male,(birth cert. drivers licence, on the children’s birth cert. and marriage cert.), then It make no sense he could not be given the divorce.

  8. He’s a man. His documents say so. No same-sex law should be taken into consideration in order to say or not about this man’s marriage. That’s all!

  9. I do not hate transgendered people. On the contrary, I feel for them because it must be hell to be born one sex but feel like you should have been the opposite sex. But I have real problem with one aspect. A female who gets reassignment surgery is transgendered male. Not a real man. A male who gets surgery to look female is transgendered. NOT a real woman.

    For me, as a genuine born this way female, to insist that a post surgical female is not a real woman gets me called horrible names by some people. I am not homophobic by any stretch of the imagination. But I refuse to accept that a transgendered female is a real woman. She’s not. Just like this “man” who gave birth to children is NOT a real man. No matter how many horrible names you call me. He’s not. No more than Nutrasweet can be called real sugar. Or cubic zeronia is a real diamond.

    1. Apparently you “[don’t] hate transgendered people”, but you sure as hell feel your own identity is more genuine than theirs by virtue of being a “genuine born this way female”. Let’s be frank: Your claim of what you think makes you a woman is a house of cards, since by your reasoning if you found out tomorrow that you were chromosomally male*, your identity, based on being a “genuine born this way female” would collapse. Here’s a spoiler: You wouldn’t be any less of a woman. While you claim not to be hateful, your comments are nasty, and trans women don’t need more abuse, they’ve got plenty being directed at them already. Consider what you’re saying: If you had a friend you’d known for years, and one day for some reason, she tells you that she’s trans, would you tell her that you can no longer see her as a woman? I can guarantee you that if you did, that friendship would be over, because your words are plainly hurtful.

      * Not impossible.

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