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Ugandan preacher issues anti-gay New Year’s message at large-scale rally

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Reader comments

  1. May he take his primitive savage nonsensical fairy stories and cram them right up his firmament where they belong.

    Abrahamic religions have been a scourge and a cancer on humanity for far too long and need to be consigned to the khazi where they belong – just like all the other hundreds of brain-dead babbling supernatural god fictions before.

    Hate me? Hate them right back. Nothing but contempt for the believers in BS.

  2. Keith Francis Farrell 2 Jan 2013, 7:09pm

    and he claims to be christian, I think he will find hell a wonderful place. What I find most disturbing is that these men of God, want to bring in a law to have people killed for no good reason. they are hate prechers control by the devil himself.
    What is even more disturbing is trhat one of these people still claims to be British, well I hope we can get this contry to remove thaose rights from him, he is a homophobe, I wonder if he stillhas family here, I hope they hang their heads in shame.

  3. “Pastor Joseph’s Victory Christian Church runs several faith-based radio stations and an adoption service.”

    These are the orphans produced by the anti science approach to AIDS in Uganda, presumably.

    And nobody in the crowd roared at that.

  4. These people really aren’t thinking forward. If they start killing gay people on mass then they will face International repercussions and even risk their own lives.

  5. Dave North 2 Jan 2013, 8:17pm

    The religious really are doing themselves no favors at the moment.

    All they seem to be achieving is widespread dislike of them.

  6. Religious colonialism. They love it.

  7. Revolting monsters. Let them stew.
    I do feel terrible for the GLBT people who live there. I think it might be time to leave.

  8. They are determined to prove that everything the “new atheists” say is true.

  9. a,j,mainland 2 Jan 2013, 9:41pm

    I can see one of the worst enemies of mankind doing its work in this country.
    Frenzy! Chilling stuff but so seductive
    to those caught up in the stirring, disgusting but intoxifying, I do wonder if anyone in that land is able to be brought down to earth and slapped out of their fanciful hatefull frenzy.

  10. This guy runs an adoption service? He looks like a child molester to me.

  11. staight lgbtfriendly 2 Jan 2013, 10:28pm

    according to what is said in uganda,, i strongly believe that no one should be convicted for being gay.. it hurts alot because trying to make ugandan live with gay people was like the fight for racism in the early days in most of the white man countries.
    some gays change, some don’t.. but who cares?? its their choice. according to the pastor, he just does not think beyond the horizons. there shall be no reason for them to pass it since he is also to be among the gay community by the one “pastor male” also making a name in the fight against the practice.
    in reality, gays have lived in each part of the world. though in the early days, it was a decision between two people and acted in secrecy coz sex life was private life. it just arises from many factors but as for me i strongly believe no one is born gay.. just a mental something.. i won’t say problem.
    much to say but how i wish i would have a voice for the many voiceless,, but i can’t. am straight and i believe that gays are people 2

    1. You are not friendly and your “opinion” is nonsense. But by all means regale us with tales of that time when you sat down, gave the matter a great deal of thought and decided that you would be straight.


      Let me remind you, LGBT people in Western Europe, Canada etc have reasonable (but not perfect) privilege. There are still people who bloody DIE because they believe that living an authentic and truthful life is worthwhile and necessary.

      How kind of you to agree that we are people – but your insistence in installing your own narrative with no basis, authority or particular insight (since you overtly label yourself straight) you actually dehumanise us by denigrating our own experiences.

      Go ahead and have a snivel because you think you are friendly and I am being mean, but you need to re-consider what “friendly” actually means. And if you’re it, then why do you assume it is wanted, legitimate or acceptable?

    2. Nice try, but no cigar, pal.

    3. Well said, Valsky. What a tit.

  12. GingerlyColors 3 Jan 2013, 6:57am

    I would like to wish everybody a happy new year and a miserable one for Uganda.

  13. Jock S. Trap 3 Jan 2013, 9:12am

    Ironic isn’t it… The ‘growing evil’ as he claims aren’t the ones calling for the murder of innocent people, the genocide of society.

    Nothing but vile, bigoted, murderous hypocrites.

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