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Israel: Lesbian teenager attacked with stones in homophobic assault

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Reader comments

  1. A stoning in the middle east. And who says things haven’t moved on?
    Poor girl. I hope she’s ok.

  2. The jews, muslims and christians in that theocracy will be united in support for once.

    Hatred of gay people is what unites religious cults

    1. Jerry Joe 2 Jan 2013, 3:23pm

      Dont forget women,atheist,contraception,abortion and of course human progress !!!!

  3. Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko 2 Jan 2013, 2:03pm

    You can disagree with being gay all you want, but when you throw stones and rocks and hurt people, it’s arse-kicking time!

    Beat the fundies arse!

  4. So the disgusting ultra-Orthodox in Israel are not satisfied with just being parasites to the government and the secularized Israeli population who work to earn a living and are actually useful to the country and now are also interested in harassing the rest of the Israeli population that upsets them ? Very nice. I always try to be tolerant of people of all believes, but some people in certain parts of the world just don’t help it.

  5. billywingartenson 3 Jan 2013, 4:58am

    the orthodox / ultrra orthodox should all be sent to the west bank and then let the Arabs own it.

    These people are bible thumpers that are crazy a-holes.

    Most religions are the curse of humanity

  6. Captain Proton 3 Jan 2013, 6:10am

    The story has numerous inaccuracies.

    See Israeli news story in English here:,7340,L-4327445,00.html

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