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Former EastEnders actor John Partridge wants ‘hot new gays’ in the soap

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Reader comments

  1. It would be nice to see a proper lesbian storyline in Eastenders. We haven’t had one since Binnie and Della in 1995, and no that awful thing with Sonia doesn’t count…

  2. John Partridge is like a gay disease, he is everywhere at the moment, and needs the attention of pest control

  3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2013, 3:21pm

    Don’t watch often but surely best to have Gay people others can associate themselves with… On persons hot is anothers horror.

  4. Let’s face it, any gays in the soap would be hotter than him.

  5. Afraid I don’t know this chap and don’t watch EastEnders but it should perhaps be borne in mind that “hot gays” are hardly representative of anything other than a rather unhealthy media creation. Have we learnt nothing from years of feminist campaigning?

  6. That’s right, We need more attractive gay guys, and not some old and ugly, who would complain of gay kiss.

  7. What EastEnders needs is decent, happier storylines and people who can act!

  8. They could cram it with ‘hotgays’ and I still wouldn’t be able to watch that crap.
    I saw an amusing description of EastEnders in a US TV guide which read “”A British drama serial for and about the urban poor.”

    1. They forgot to add the downright miserable too!

  9. He’s right…but also wrong. I want to see ‘normal’ (excuse the expression) gays. While it’s great that the gay community are being represented more and more Eastenders have no lesbian characters and the only two gays who were in it was a vest wearing muscle mary and someone whose parents disowned him for the majority of the storyline. Why can’t we have a middle aged lesbian couple with cardigans and a car?

    1. Yes, I’d definitely watch that storyline – just a bog standard, “normal” lesbian couple, settled, no drama. Cardigans would be fine too.

  10. A NORMAL gay couple would be nice. Hopefully not Phil Mitchel’s son.

  11. What, ‘hot’ gays to match all the ‘hot’ non-gays on that most tedious of shows?

    Really, John Partridge, sometimes saying nothing is the wiser choice.

  12. Hmmm. There are many gay guys with his personality, and I have many friends who are those very people, but it’s not me. I think light entertainers who are very brash need to be careful about presenting a united ‘pink flag’ to the public. We aren’t a homogenous group :\. I have solidarity with them because of the their sexuality and the fact that they are making a great success of their lives whilst being out, but I worry there’s not much diversity of personality. I saw Alan Carr and Gok Wan on tv together and they were practically the same person, and I think that’s why *some* members of the public accept them as being gay and on their tv. Pensive or restrained people aren’t exactly popular on tv in general, but they seem to be even rarer amongst gay entertainers. I’d love a bit more Ian McKellen on my screen, over John Partridge any day.

    In terms of tv I just don’t think we’ve moved on that much from Kenneth Williams, have we?

  13. Bert the Flirt from Newport in Lurt 3 Jan 2013, 1:08am

    As the others have said, there are two main issues here. The first is that aside from Ben Mitchell, who was never originally conceived to be a gay character, the gays never have storylines that aren’t purely about their homosexuality in some aspect. Perhaps once every blue moon but that is it.

    Secondly, they’re such queens. It’s not as bad as Corrie’s Shaun, but it’s far from Emmerdale, which managed to have a beautifully non-stereotypical gay couple in many NORMAL storylines this year.

  14. I think it would be great to have gay people in the soap again. This was the reason why I originally started watching the series. I’d rather go for a happy, beautiful story though.

    1. A happy, beautiful story in EastEnders? Don’t hold your breath!

  15. Why “hot” cant we just have normal ?

    Also why cant it be happy and celebrated. Would love an lgbt story that isnt negative.

  16. More hot guys? and ‘Under represented’? we arent all fit six pack deuces , why arent there any normal looking gay people, you know the ones you would meet in REAL LIFE. not at the back of a strip joint in LaLaLand

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